Blogging has been a central part to many people's online identity for quite some time. Despite the tremendous popularity of blogs, there are those who are still unsure what a blog is. This article is intended to give a basic understanding of a blog. Since each blog host differs slightly in method, this article will give a basic overview of what a blog is, and what you can do with one. It will not be a step by step guide on how to set up a blog.

A blog is a shortened version of Weblog. Basically, a blog can be seen as an online journal. It is your space where you can write down your ideas, opinions, thoughts or any other matter you feel. Other people can then read your ideas and comment on them. Just remember that your blog is not private, so think before you add too many personal and private details. The opportunities for blogs are almost limitless and creativity knows almost no bounds with all the different styles and templates available today. In most cases blogging is free, so it is the perfect way to get started.

Blogging is also very easy. Most templates are set up in such a way that newcomers can start with relative ease. Just read through the online help to make sure you understand the basics. The biggest advantage of blogs is that they do not contain several individual pages that must be created and maintained. You simply add new post to the current page, and the blog handles the rest. The current page usually contains slots for the body of your post, slots for categories, slots for links to other blogs you find interesting and slots where visitors can comment on your posts.

Looking for blogging hosts on Google will return many results of blogging communities that you can join. If you are interested in finding a good blogging host, visit the Bloggers Choice Awards website. The creators of this site rank blogs and host and it is easy to find one that will be able to get you started.

Blogging is not limited just for personal usage. You can blog about anything you like, be it sports, religion, social issues, celebrities, etc. You can also have more than one blog if you like. The possibilities are truly vast and almost any topic can be turned into a blog. Some bloggers use various methods to increase their income with their blogs, but I think it is best for beginners to leave this part for later. You can always add these features with ease later. Entrepreneurs are known to use blogs to advertise their businesses or services. It offers a great opportunity for exposure since millions of user log onto the web daily.

For newcomers to the blogging scene I would advise to start with something less demanding. Create a personal blog, either on yourself or some topic you find exciting and simply start writing daily. You will quickly get the hang of things and by reading other people's blogs, you will start to see the different possibilities blogging offers. Blogging can be extremely great for people who are lonely by offering the possibility to find like minded people to share your ideas and dreams with. People from around the world share themselves with others and it is a great way to meet people from other countries.
So get started today. Search some of the blogging directories to see what blogs are available and start reading through some of them. This will give you a feel for what you can do with a blog. Before you know it, you can have your very own blog to play with. It is fun, simple and really easy.