Having a Paleo shopping list ready well in advance of a trip grocery store can make sticking to the diet a simpler task. Many attempting the diet head out to their local store with a basic idea of what foods they should eat or avoid, but this is not recommended. Making the mistake of picking the wrong foods can be expensive, wasteful, and cause frustration with the diet. Learn how to be prepared with a list that is powerful in helping you stay on the Paleo diet.

What is the Paleolithic Diet?

The Caveman way of eating is based on the foods that were avaliable and prolific in ancient times, before the rise of agriculture.  Basically, it means no refined sugars, no grains, and no processed food.  "What does that leave me?", you may cry desperately into the wind....

Well, it basically leaves you a lot of good, natural stuff.  Fruits, vegetables, meats...there are a lt of possibilites and potential delicious combinations.  Most people also stay away from dairy when folllowing this diet, but some are able to add whole milk back in.  Many people have a natural intolerance to dairy, though, so it may be easier to just not have it. 

A Paleo Shopping List
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A Basic Paleo Shopping List could look like this...

Paleo Shopping List:





Sweet Potatoes



Pork Chops


Beef Roast

Whole Chicken

Almond Milk



Olive Oil




Have a Devoted Start Point

Some who want to start eating the Paleo way start off by simply trying to avoid foods not included in the diet and eat more of the foods that are allowed. That approach could prove effective for some, but many will find making a big deal out of starting up their new diet more effective in keeping them on track long term.

This means taking the time to do research on the diet protocols and the allowed foods. It means creating a shopping list system for which following quickly becomes second-nature. While that might call for a lot of focused effort in the beginning, it can greatly improve chances of success.

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Find What You Would Like to Eat

There are several websites offering shopping lists for the Paleo diet. Many lists are printable, allowing users to just print and go. Some find this approach ineffective, though, for getting a reliable list, as it does not allow the same level of freedom the Paleo eating method presents.

The Caveman diet includes a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and proteins sources, so the long list of options is too big for most to fill. A preset list made by a third party could include food items the dieter would rather not consume while excluding several items they might really enjoy. Instead, review all available food choices for the diet and narrow them down to what works best for you. The list of foods emerging from this exercise serves as a basis for all future lists and meal planning.

Have a Plan for the Week

It is important to do meal planning the same time as grocery list creation. This leaves little chance of foods being left out, eliminating the need to make extra shopping trips through the week. Having a theme for each week can make meal time fun while on the Paleo diet and cuts down on the size of the list.

For example, you can pick eating one type of meat three days a week and another for every other day. You can eat a certain type of fruit or vegetable on certain days or certain weeks. This gives the freedom of variety, adding more enjoyment to the whole process. Then budgeting is a simple as knowing how many servings for a list item is needed per week and the cost of those servings for that particular food item.

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How to Manage Your Paleo Shopping List

Compared to other diet programs where participants are dictated every meal, the Paleo diet is highly customizable. Those who experience the most success will allow their menus to evolve and grow at a pace in line with the changes and improvements to their bodies, mind sets, and lifestyles had from the new diet.

As creatures of habits, people have a tendency to stick with what worked in the past, not allowing for much variation. Instead, your shopping list and menu plan should be a continued work towards perfection. For example, some Paleo dieters are not satisfied with just cut out the carbs, legumes, grains, and dairy. They want to eat the freshest produce and organic meats, knowing that this can improve the quality of their rewards for sticking to the program. If you learn more about a certain new fruit or vegetable and discover that it has added health benefits, let your Paleo shopping list be flexible enough to work the food in.

Also, be sure to try out some new-to-you Paleo recipes.

Make it Mindless

There are so many things to be concerned with in life, but making the weekly shopping list need not call for a great deal of sustained brain power. That is the benefit of taking the requirements of the program at the start of it and creating a grocery list system that works best for you.

There will be weeks or months when no thought has to be given about what food to buy or how much it will cost. There will be times when you might want to add something new and find the freedom to do so enjoyable. The Paleo shopping list you create can ever be ready at a moment's notice.

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