It can be hard to find water bottles for kids that work well with their often active and playful lifestyles. There are many reasons why you may be concerned about this issue. From a parent’s standpoint, water bottles represent a device that children can become attached to that is healthy. After all, everyone needs water to survive and be healthy. From the perspective of society, it is important that we consistently promote good health behaviors in children. If purchasing an inexpensive water bottle will help kids learn good health behaviors, then it is undoubtedly a great idea to find one that works for them.

How to Find the Best Water Bottles for Children

Before I begin getting into the gritty aspects of finding the best water bottles for kids, it is important to note that you should allow your children to get in on the process of choosing the right bottle for their own needs. Of course, talking to them about bottle size or things of that nature will probably bore them, but if possible you should at least allow your child to choose a color that would appeal to their interests. Psychologically, if children are involved in their health choices, they will be able to maintain this behavior over a longer period of time.

With that aside, there are many great H20 products that could be considered the best water bottles for kids. There are several factors that you should keep in mind that tie all of the great bottles together. Instantly I begin to think about durability, materials, and build quality. Some products, like most of those made by Sundesa, are constructed from high quality BPA-free hard plastic casing. Others are made from stainless steel, which is perhaps the most impenetrable material you could purchase for a cup of this nature. One alternative I love that mat immediately come to mind are the bottles by Vapur that are lightweight and foldable because their material base is different than most.

The best water bottles for kids will more than likely feature a cool color or art design that appeals to their minds. Again, most children will not be too concerned with some dull facts pertaining to their bottle; but rather with what they actually can see, touch, and smell. Fortunately, sports bottles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to appease the little ones need for a good looking accessory. If the typical blue or stainless steel silver does not appeal to your child, be sure to look into more niche products that come in an array of colors and designs.


As you may well know, water bottles for kids are not a very complicated task. However, as a cool parent, you do want to put some effort into finding the right product that suits your child’s subjective interests. To give you a head start in your search, I have assembled a few great products that are considered the best in the business. These products are kid and environmentally friendly for starters, and have all the necessities that a kid’s water bottle should have. If you have any comments or questions about these selections, or would like to add some of your own favorites, be sure to do so in the comment box at the bottom of this page.

The Best Water Bottles for Kids

I will let you in on a little secret about water bottles for kids. Many young people are instantly attracted to the Vapur 0.5 Litres Anti-Bottle because it is not a “traditional” water bottle in any sense.  This foldable water bottle is surprisingly durable, and is especially easy to carry around. A product like this could be placed in a kid’s bag, they could fill it up with water during school, drink it all, and put it right back in their backpack to take home. The key here is that this H20 bottle does not weigh much, and does not take up space amongst their heavy bag of books. For water on the go, it is hard to compete with this.

Perhaps you are more interested in more traditional water bottles for kids. There are certainly many options that will wet your whistle in this department as well for sure. The Reduce 01175 WaterWeek 10oz Girls II bottle set is one that I consistently recommend because of what you get for the low price. First of all, this collection comes with five bottles; which means you can essentially give a bottle to each member of your family. On the whole, the water canisters are basically gender neutral as well (despite the term “Girl” in the title). These will be sure to make a splash with your kids.

As parents, we should all attempt to find the best water bottles for kids to promote a healthy lifestyle. Having H20 on the go is a great way to maintain positive self-esteem and health.  Hopefully the info provided in this article will help you make an informed decision today!