Shower Enclosures

When it comes to home renovations, our bathrooms remain a popular space to make over. From the shower to the towel rails, every choice you make will have an impact on the final look and feel of your bathroom so take the time now to do a little research. Whether you're aiming to add value to the home or to build in your own mini oasis or both, understanding the latest style shower enclosures will ensure your bathroom update makes the most of what's currently on offer.

Bathroom Space

Spaciousness in bathrooms is a trend that looks to be here to stay but that doesn't necessarily mean huge bathrooms are on the rise. The latest styles in shower enclosures say goodbye to tiny closed in spaces and hello to open, frameless, walk in showering zones. Even the smallest of bathrooms can fit a modern, open style shower and create a feeling of elegance and spaciousness.

Frameless Shower Cubicles

Clear frameless glass enclosures prove to be ever popular and bathroom supply stores, both online and offline, have such a wide range that it's impossible not to be able to achieve a crisp, clean and spacious feel in any sized bathroom.

The latest shower styles come in all shapes and sizes, whether that be the shower tray, glass panels or bath screens, there is no end to what's on offer. Shower quadrants with curved glass screens are appreciated by owners of bathrooms that need to make use of every inch including the corners of the room.  Cubicle showers aren't the most popular style right now but those who do choose them are opting for frameless glass panels, half panels or no panels at all, creating a striking modern affect.

Shower Enclosures


Shower Doors

Multifunctional showers are popping up and being embraced by those of us who yearn for a spa-like experience after working through our busy schedules. Whether it be built in luxury seats, spa like wall jets or multifunctional showerheads you're after, you are sure to find it and more in the latest range of shower enclosures at all good bathroom supply stores.

Pivot doors are making way for bi-fold and sliding doors in attempt to efficiently utilize every last inch of our available space. Even sliding bath screens are now on offer as are beautifully curved and oval shaped screens that exude elegance.

Stylish Shower Enclosures

When it comes time to choose the style of shower enclosure for your bathroom, prepare by measuring your available space. Make note of doors that open into the room and determine how much return space they need. Another important thing to remember when choosing your shower enclosure is the space required to dry off.

Whether you choose one of the latest styles in shower enclosures or a more traditional style, one thing is for certain; you will not be stuck for choice. Take your time and utilize your bathroom supplies store's expertise, that way you'll be sure to have a happy showering experience for many years to come.