Its no mystery that car insurance companies like to pay as little as they can. The automotive insurance industry brings in hundreds of of billions of dollars every single year and they are not fond of giving any of it back.

This is the reason why you absolutely need an personal injury attorney if you are in any major car accident.

The whole reason why you have insurance is to cover your yourself, your family, and anyone else involved in an automotive accident you might be responsible for or might not be responsible for but the person who is responsible has no insurance.

For this "peace of mind" you write these companies a check every single month or have it directly withdrawn from your checking account. It comes out to be one of your top 10 bills you end up paying every month.

Furthermore, if you do not pay you get a letter in the mail kindly reminding you of your financial obligation.

So why are insurance companies so hesitant to give you fair compensation, be it cash or health benefits, when it is their turn to pay?

Here is the answer: it is because they can. They are skilled at presenting themselves as an organization trying to "help you out," when in reality they want to give you the smallest amount of money they are legally obligated to.

You may be entitled to $10,000 for lost wages, hospital stays, chiropractic care, rental car fees, and ongoing treatment but the claim adjuster will present you with a check for $6,000. They are trained to appear concerned, almost like a true friend would, but make no mistake they fully know what they are doing.

Again, this is why you absolutely need a personal injury lawyer who knows how to deal with these people. Claim adjusters do this for a living and have years to perfect and hone their skills.

Injury attorneys are also highly trained but they are taught how to deal with claim adjusters and their employers in order to get you the maximum amount of money you are entitled to based on state and federal law.

Personal injury attorneys do all the fighting for you if your case merits it. He or she has gone through years of schooling and internships to learn how to negotiate with insurance companies. These companies need to be "strong armed" into paying their just due and the right lawyer knows how to do this. Nobody really wants to go to court. Going to court is ugly and expensive. Everyone wants to avoid it like one would the black plague. Your best personal injury attorneys are masters at settling out of court for you a fair and equitable agreement.

It may take a few months to get it but it will get done, and I might add, on favorable terms to you.

Do not try to deal with auto insurance companies, or any type of insurance company, on your own. They employ a team of experts and legal advisers who will bury you. You will end your relationship with them frustrated and exhausted by the legal system. Let other experts of the legal system, who are on your side, handle it for you.

If you are in a serious car accident you need professional help. Do not hesitant to get it from the right people.