Building A New Alpha Foundation

For me the very first step was gaining the personality and confidence to actually approach women - how did I do this? Simple. Hypnosis. 

And from those approaches, I slowly began to build a very powerful foundation of confidence - even when I was 'rejected', I realized instead that it was just an opportunity for me to learn. So I did.

Now a lot of hypnosis products out there, but only a few actually deliver real-world results.

 Now, in my mind this is the best product you can get to build a really powerful and confident foundation.

You will often hear about the attractive men in animal shows, especially when it is about social animals, such as lions and wolves.

The alpha men is the dominant men in the group. They get the fe men and they are also the ones that are considered to be the leader. However, have you ever considered that alpha men behavior is also around us humans?

You will often notice that a particular men in a group of men are often what you can call the leader. Most men around that alpha men will want to copy what he is doing in order for them to be like him. They stand out from the group of men and they also attract more fe mens than the other mens.

If any men who wants to be like the alpha men, then you may want to start behaving like one. Being the alpha men will make you stand out from the rest of the men and you will also be able to get more dating opportunities.

The hot men oozes out attraction to the opposite sex. Even if you aren't a famous Hollywood actor, or even if you aren't that rich, you will still be able to attract any women by showing the alpha men behavior around women. You have to

remember that being like the alpha men is not a born skill. It can be learned and it is quite easy to learn. Here are a few alpha men behavior that you can copy in order for you to become the alpha men.

Take Charge of the Dating Destiny

A Player's Manual: Becoming The Alpha

Display Alpha Confidence at All Times

First of all, before you go on and become a cave men, you must first get rid of the traits that will define beta men status or that will define inferior status or weakness. Stop putting your hands in your pockets, stop fidgeting with your fingers or hands, you should stop folding your arms or slumping your shoulders down, you should also stop looking uncomfortable and afraid to take up space. By getting rid of these traits, you are now prepared to copy the alpha men behavior.

Personality is key when it makes to attracting women. Even a very attractive guy will have trouble holding the interest of a woman if his personality is boring or repellant.


The first thing that you should acquire is confidence. You have to remember that in the dating world, women love to be with a confident guy. Everywhere you go, try to be confident and as mentioned before, stop looking uncomfortable.. A perfect guy who is sure of himself and confident in his ability to be successful in the world and with women is more Alpha. Optimism is another Alpha quality as well as persistence. The Alpha men doesn't easily give up because he is confident that in the end he will prevail.


The above phrase was coined by master pickup artist David DeAngelo whose works, incidentally, I highly suggest. Cocky-Comedy is basically a mix of arrogance and humor. It's a "you know you want me" type attitude with a sly smile. Cocky-comedy involves teasing women, light sarcasm, sexual innuendo and generally turning the tables on a woman in a funny way. This is the single most effective way to build attraction with women. For more on this topic, I suggest you refer to David DeAngelo's works

"Social Proof"

The Alpha men has a life, has friends, is always busy, is always surrounded by women--or at least appears to be. Expand your social circle, go out with attractive men friends, make sure to fill your Facebook with pictures of you doing fun stuff with a lot people and most importantly surrounded by desirable women. Avoid those creepy internet pictures that guys so often take of themselves and post on the internet all alone in their parent's basement.

Yes. It's THAT powerful.

Dominant Behaviors

Learning How To Approach Women

Next up was learning how to approach women, pretty nerve-wracking the first 50 or so times! (Which is why I think it's so important to have built up that confident foundation in step 1.)

It's also crucial that you have a framework - a blueprint of what to do.

 Now, a couple of guys say: "Oh you know that's so scripted and fake". They're missing the point. The blueprint is the same as the training wheels you had when you learned to ride a bike. 

The best tips that's are currently out there on how to approach women, deals with JUST that topic and it has refined it into a formula with step by step procedures that you can follow to get to a pretty predictable result.

Then, I want you to go out anywhere and notice what it's like walking around with this sense of new-found confidence and try in vain to keep that big goofy grin off your face!

If I were to tell you of some of this successes I've had after incorporating what I've learned in this book... you flat-out would not believe me.

 Let's face it. Not all of us are Rico Suave. Its hard striking up a fruitful romantic conversation with a beautiful woman, isn't it? Actually, it is quite easy to get women to notice you. Have you been striking out lately? Most likely, there are just a few minor details you're missing that will give you the edge over every other guy around you.

I was in your shoes, too. Then one lonely Friday night, I stumbled across this amazing guide that totally changed my life. Now, I literally am turning down girls that a year ago, I never dreamy I could get. See for yourselves right here: Attract any woman!

Initiating Conversation is Half the Battle -Its true. The hardest part of meeting a woman is actually approaching her. Once you've opened the dialogue, think of yourself as a hunter going in for his prey. Sounds silly, but that's the truth.

Once you've introduced yourself, ask her open-ended questions that don't have a "yes" or "no" answer. For instance, what are her favorite restaurants in the area, or where does she work?

Finally ,What's the difference between the guy who said "it didn't work for me" and the guy with the success story who had a heck of a lot more to overcome? It's not the information because they both got the same product and receive the same advice, and have no doubt used the same techniques. In other words, same input, different output.

The difference lies in their "respective maps". One guy's "map" is oriented towards success, the other guy's toward failure. He believes he won't succeed and has no faith in himself, therefore he doesn't. The other man trusts himself and believes that he will be attractive to women, therefore he is. Using a positive frame of mind will ALWAYS lead to success and with these trusted techniques you are going to be the most attractive man in any room.