Alpha Male Characteristics to Know

Attraction ultimately is an evolutionary mechanism that has us wired to mate with someone with the best possible genetic makeup. Most of this wiring, of course, exists at the subconscious level, but essentially that's how both women and men make their "choice." When a man sees a beautiful woman with large breasts, a skinny waist and a pretty face, he doesn't deliberate and think to himself, "Hmm, I wonder if I should be attracted to her...nah, I choose not to be." Attraction just happens--it's a reaction to certain triggers.


 At this point, I'm going to discuss some specific behaviors that you can easily assume to be more attractive to women. These are some of the switches, so to speak, that turn women on. 

How to Catch the Alpha?

Alpha male

1. Posture

Men with good posture project the quality of dominance. That means you should hold your head up and back, no slouching, shoulders back, etc. Nothing broadcasts "loser" more effectively than a guy walking with his head down and his body slouched.

Furthermore, the Alpha men maintains open body language. His legs are open, his arms are not crossed, his hand aren't in his pockets. In general, he tends to take up more space than the average individual. He is ever relaxed and in poise.

Also, don't fidget! Restless leg movements, touching your face, scratching and other involuntary moments should be minimized. Every motion should be calculated and purposeful.

Slow, Calculated Motion:

The Alpha men is never in a rush, because he doesn't need to please anyone. The world is on his schedule, not the other way around. Someone who is rushing has someone to answer to. That's not Alpha behavior.

Furthermore, the Alpha men is slow to give others his attention. He gives his attention but reluctantly if at all, because he has no need to please others. He assumes everyone wants to please him.

Always walk slowly and confidently. Never make rushed jerky movements. Never snap your head toward someone when then ask for your attention. Be "cool."

How to Get the Girl

2. Eye Contact

The Alpha men is not to afraid make strong eye contact with people including people he doesn't know. This further demonstrates his strength and dominance. At the same time, he doesn't stare people down and act creepy. As a rule, one should make eye contact 80% of the time while speaking, and 20% of the time while listening.

Ever wonder why parents tell their children, "Look at me when I speaking to you!" That's their way of establishing dominance over their child. When the child looks away it is often done for the purpose of undermining his parents authority. Eye contact has powerful significance when interacting with women.

The same rule applies with women. When you are speaking to her, make eye contact. When she is speaking to you, relax eye contact. And if you're looking at an attractive woman across the room and she catches you looking at her, don't look down as if you were "caught." Keep looking at her and give her a defiant little smile as well.

3. Tone of Voice

It is very common to hear women say they are attracted to a man's voice. A high-pitched, squeaky voice will work against you. If your voice tends to be high-pitched, bring it down a notch. Your voice should resonate from your chest, not your neck. Vocalist distinguish between "chest voice" and "throat voice." Learn what that distinction means and the difference it can make for your voice.

If your voice is particularly bad, I suggest you take voice lessons. The way you speak not only affects your romantic prospects, but also your career.

The above-mentioned items do not constitute an exhaustive list. They're just the tip of the iceberg for you to get started.

If anyone would like to add to this list please make your contribution in the comment box below.

Understanding Women

Great Tips and Advice

4. Attract Women

It's frustrating not being able to attract the type of women you really want. Especially,*I* know it's frustrating and lonely because I was in the same position as you for many, many years. No one taught me to attract women either. I'd often see beautiful women and wish I had the confidence to speak to them. I'd wish I could learn about attracting the women like this. Eventually, I'd manage to work up the 'confidence' just to end up saying something really lame.

It was like being rejected time and time again.

And all I really wanted was someone just to teach me to attract women. But there was no one, and eventually I began to believe that beautiful women were 'out of my league'.

I was exactly where you are now, but there was still something inside of me that *knew* I deserved better... so do you.


You're Ready To Learn - Now It's Time For Take Charge Of Your Life!

You know, the funny thing is, I had heard about these techniques years ago, but stupidly rejected them because of my blind cynicism (which I thought was intelligence, by the way!)

It was only after a particularly nasty rejection one day, that I said to myself: "OK, I don't care WHAT it takes, I'm going to try anything and everything until I crack this!" 

It took me a while to realize that the most important part of learning how to appeal women was that you committed to taking action now. 

So with that in mind, I'm going to break down the learning process into the core components:

- Building A New Foundation Of Personality and Confidence

- Learning How To Approach Women

-Learning How To Attract Any Women And Seduce Them


And mastering these, leads to being able to attract and seduce these...