The Archetype Explained

In the words of a leading pickup guru, "Attraction is Not a Choice." The implication of these words is that no amount of pleading, rationalizing or sentimental talk can get a hottie interested in you. But there is good news! You don't need to rationalize, plead, or get mushy with women to turn them on.

In fact, you don't have to say much of anything when you have the right game. Rather, you need to have an awareness of some of this triggers--the switches, as it were--that turn women on and off.

Who's the Alpha!

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Understanding Your Personality Type

1.The Men Archetype

 Attractive women have options. Everyday beautiful women are approached several times by men for sexual reasons--daily!

Women thus need a way to quickly disqualify these suitors, and so they make snap judgment reactions to filter out the genetic distractions.

The standard subconscious measure upon which these judgments are made is an ideal men archetype. The Archetype is a compilation of all the qualities women find universally appealing in men. These include the following:


Women tend to be more attracted to guys who have dominance both over them and others--dominance over them in the sense that women don't always want to feel like they're in control over the relationship; or rather, a woman is more attracted to a man she isn't entirely in control of because he's unpredictable and there is always a chance she might not be able to hold his interest. If women feel that the man they're with has options and is attractive to other women, they will, as a matter of course, be more attracted to him.

If a woman senses insecurity and stinginess, he's toast. Women are also more attracted to men who hold leadership positions or are in some way authoritative. The ringleader of the social group, the boss of the office, the young funny professor who is the center of attention, obviously have an advantage over the follower, the guy in the mail room, or the nerd in the opposite of the auditorium. These are just a few examples of dominance, and even the guy in the mail room or the nerd under the right circumstances can make a display of dominance.


Women are attracted to men who are mentally and emotionally strong. Whining and complaining or running away from challenging situations would be evidence of lack of strength. Backing down in a situation where a woman is being unjustifiably demanding would also be a show weakness. Shyness and lack of confidence when first encountering a women will work against you as well.


Here are Some Quick Tips

He's a little goofy, but has some good points

More Characteristics

Novelty Seeking/Adventurous:

Women are more attracted to men who are a little off-beat and have something else going on in their lives beyond the usual routine. Someone who travels, has interesting hobbies, sky-dives, etc and who is able to communicate the excitement of these adventures, is naturally more attractive. Most men women meet are boring and predictable. The adventurer is a breath of fresh air for them.

Resources: Internal and External:

It goes without saying that men with resource (i.e. money and possessions) tend to be more attractive to women than those who don't. For one, men with resources are in a better position to provide both for her needs and the needs of any offspring they may have. This is so even if the woman has no interest in having children or being a stay at home wife. Subconsciously women are attracted to providers. Women also tend to be very status conscious as well. 

But besides physical resources, women are attracted to men with inner resources. Men who are educated tend to have the edge over their less bright companions. Someone who has depth and can think beyond the rat race of life also tends to be more attractive.

However, the non-conformist has to be careful to demonstrate that his non-conformity is a matter of choice rather than a lack of social awareness. He needs to be a non-conformist who is aware of prevailing tastes and norms, but nevertheless dismissively opts out.


It would be a lie to say looks are not a factor; however, as mentioned previously looks are far less important to women than they are to men. Height, build and facial features obviously give some guys an edge, but this is only one of many factors. That being said, there's nothing stopping all guys from getting in shape, being well groomed and getting a presentable wardrobe.