Christmas Time (31660)

Christmas is a beautiful time that many wait all year for. Its arrival will find us in good spirits with happy faces and big smiles. The harshest weather conditions can do little to dull our enthusiasm around the holidays, as these are traditionally happy times for most families.

Get togethers will occur around the world and people will reconnect with those that have been absent and celebrate their lives. The cheer overflows our cups and songs fill the neighborhoods with the sounds of joy.

Gifts are bought and wrapped carefully to give to the ones we care about the most. An appealing addition to the store bought gift can be a thoughtfully made card with home made prose within that has a personal connection, with the person it's being made for.

Handwritten poetry is an original thought and will make the recipient of this gift realize that they're special in your eyes. Grandparents will cry and parents will hug their children tight, when they receive this heartfelt offering of ourselves.

Writing a personal poem for a loved one is usually pretty easy. They have traits that are endearing and habits that make us laugh. Use these things to bring your relationship to paper. Find a photo that fits the occasion and use this as your card front, print it out and then write your poem on the back.

Get creative, the Internet and photo shop software has made doing this type of work simple and most will master it the first or second attempt.

If in the end you can't find that perfect set of words to use, then a word or two about how much you care inside a card, can add a lot, to an otherwise forgettable gift.

I've rattled off a little piece of Christmas cheer, for anyone who needs a quick insert for a card. Feel free to use it and remember, A Poem For Christmas Can Be Used For A Great Gift Card.

Oh Christmas tree, how I remember thee,

way down in the stack, that was way in the back,

My father with knife and his shivering wife,

trying to pull the tree free.



I watched as dad tried, to get it all tied,

with care to the roof of the car,

He pulled and he tugged, made sure it was snug,

the ride to the house wasn't far.



As we drove down the lane, I could see all the lights,

that where shimmering bright everywhere,

I saw through the panes, red and white candy canes,

And the stockings all hung up with care.



There where carolers singing and sleigh bells were ringing,

a song in the cold winter blow,

and I new then and there, that my spirit was here,

in the glistening cold winter snow.



The tree has been dressed, The children are blessed,

they're sent off to bed with a kiss,

Afraid when they go, to dream of the snow,

That something will happen they'll miss.



Tradition passed down, with family and friends,

all gathered together with love,

The eggnog is flowing, the fires all glowing,

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