There can be no doubt it is very handy to have heating that is portable. It is convenient when we have to move from one room to another. Propane heaters are portable and have become the choice of many home owners. Our parents were accustomed to the luxury of having a whole house heated twenty four hours a day during winter. However, nowadays it is regarded as wasteful. To heat areas of a home that are not in use is frowned upon because we are all becoming very aware of saving fuel energy.

Apart from the very important habit of saving fuel energy we all need to work according to tight budgets. The current economic situation makes it imperative that we save where we can. A good place to start is with heating and to opt for a portable propane heater. This kind of heater is available in a variety of prices that range from as low as $40 to as high as $950. The amount of money you spend depends on what you need.

There are heaters that are specifically for indoor use and others are for outdoor use. However, propane heaters are generally regarded as portable because they can be moved around quite easily. Another reason these heaters are portable is because they are fueled by liquid propane and therefore don't require any electricity. In effect, propane heaters can be used just about anywhere.

Even without electricity there are certain safety measures that should be adhered to. One very important measure is not to put your heater too near to other items. There should always be an open area of six to twelve inches on the sides, three foot in front and one to four feet above whenever your heater is in use. Never attempt to use your propane heater to dry clothing or to cook food.

Finding the right portable propane heater for your needs is not hard. There are many brand names that manufacture these useful items. Some names are Master Heater, Duraheat, Uniflame and Reddy Heater. A simple online search will provide many suppliers of portable heaters.

There are two main reasons for a portable heater. Apart from wanting to carry a heater from room to room many consumers want a heater they can use outside on the patio or a designated area in the yard. Many consumers also want a portable heater they can take camping. The portable propane heater is regarded as safe and suitable for outside and inside use. A heater that is going to be taken on a camping expedition must be very light in weight. If the weather is going to be extremely cold then you would want a heater that is very reliable and does the job.

The easiest way to get all your questions answered is to make online contact with a supplier. The supplier will be able to recommend a model that is specially designed for your specific purpose. As a consumer you will have a variety of sizes, models, brands and prices to choose from.