So you've peeked at their wedding registry but haven't come across a thing on there that suits your taste or funds. Or you haven't looked but know that you don't care to give an asparagus steamer, a pizza stone or a vacuum cleaner. Maybe you'd prefer to present the newlywed couple with a more unsual gift. The quandary is how do you get something they'll enjoy if it's not on their registry?

Go broad. You might offer money or a gift card from their home remodeling store. This way you can be sure they'll be able to buy something they truly want or save up for the house or honeymoon they've been saving for.

Be thoughtful. Create a scrapbook of their life since they met and leave a few of blank pages for them to continue. A framed wedding picture can serve as a decorative display in the newlyweds' home. Give them something that will endure beyond a bottle of wine and mean more to them than an appliance.

Get Inventive with DIY. If you are an artist or know a friend who is, you may want to consider having an art piece made just for the two of them. The newlyweds will be able to show off this item for years and remember it as something made especially for them.

Pass it down. If you have jewelry, a handmade quilt or other family treasure, this would be an occasion to pass it down. The lucky couple will appreciate this treasured piece and be able to give it to their own offspring in years to come.

Honeymoon help. Honeymoons are sometimes thought about more than the wedding plans, but they can also be expensive. Family members can give details, so you can be sly about it until the wedding. You may be able to pay for their hotel stay or give them a gift certificate for a vacation spot that they selected as a surprise wedding present.

Give them what they like. If this couple knows about wine, consider signing them up to be a member of their local winery. Wineries will mail anywhere from 2 bottles or more per month. Your gift of fine wine will be appreciated by them on their honeymoon journey. If they are big baseball fans, get them a certificate. Because weddings are overwhelming events for everyone involved, a couples massage is usually a hit.

Maid services. Another non-registry gift can be house keeping service. After all, who wants to clean their home when there's so much celebrating to do?

The best gift is always a personal one. And that takes some thought, which is what makes that kind of gift memorable. Think creatively and think about what makes them unique, and you'll come across the perfect gift they didn't ask for.