Why We Need Green Energy

There are plenty of reasons why we need to increase the use of green (or renewable) energy.  Some involve the health of our planet and some involve our own health.  All reasons add up to a crisis of huge proportions.

The traditional sources of energy – coal, natural gas and oil – are gradually being used up.  They will eventually become totally depleted and there is no resupply. Much of our electricity depends on fossil fuels. 

Fossil fuel emissions are damaging in many ways.  Greenhouse gases, most commonly carbon dioxide, escape into the air and heat it up.  Despite the controversy about climate change, the fact remains that 2014 was the hottest year since records were kept, and the nine hottest years on record have occurred since 1998.  Temperatures have risen steadily since 1900.  This has led to the following problems:

  • Sea level rise has threatened many coastal residential areas.  It has risen 8 inches since 1880 along the East Coast and the Gulf of Mexico.
  • The increase in heat waves continues.  There are many more than just 60 years ago.
  • Longer and more damaging forest fires have occurred in the West, caused by higher spring and summer temperatures and earlier melting snow.
  • More forest death in the Rockies, not just by fires.  They are being stressed by heat and attacked by insects.
  • Health problems are increasing due to longer allegy seasons, the spread of insect illnesses previously inknown in some areas, more cases of heat-related illness, as well as injuries and death from flooding and other natural causes.
  • Rising temperatures cause rising rainfall.  The heaviest one percent of storms now dump 67% more rain on the northeast, 31% more on the Midwest, and 15% more on the Great Plains than they did 50 years ago.
  • The weather extremes may lower food production and raise prices.

The answer is green energy.  Nobody will have to worry about the supply running out.  It is completely renewable.  It comes from wind power, solar power,  the rush of water, heat from beneath the earth’s surface and more natural processes.  The advantages are many.

  • Greenhouse gases are minimal to none.
  • Environmental quality and public health are improved.
  • There would be stable energy prices.
  • Jobs would be created which would benefit the economy.
  • An enormous and unending eneergy supply would be used.
  • It would create a more reliable energyh system.
  • Wind and solar need no water, which saves the supply and keeps it clean.

These types of green energy have the capacity to give us all the electricity we need indefinetly:

  • Solar power directly converts sunlight to electricity, with no pollution.  It can heat your house and power many other things.
  • Wind power uses giant turbines to create electricity, and is growing in popularity in North America, Europe and Asia.
  • Hydro-power electricity is created by the force of water rushing over turbines.  Wave power, harnessing the ocean currents is being studied.
  • Geothermal power uses the heat from beneath the earth’s surface to create energy.

Nuclear power is also considered a renewable form of energy. It produces less waste than oil, gas or coal.  Also under consideration is “biomass” or “biofuel”, which uses plant materials and animal waste to generate power.

Wind power
Credit: pakorn, free digital photos

Green Energy CarSolar Panels Warming a House