Choosing the Perfect Princess Bed

If your little girl has outgrown her crib, it is probably time to get her a princess toddler bed, or something similar to ensure that she is allowed to outgrow her crib, while getting her dream bed. These beds are often a symbolic moment of toddlerhood, as the child learns that she is old enough for a big girl bed. There is nothing better for a "big girl" than a beautiful princess bed. There are so many princess beds available, you are sure to find the perfect toddler bed for your little one. Choosing a princess bed for your little princess involves a bit of research, influenced by personal preference, to ensure that you choose the right bed for your child. 

There are a few things that you should consider before purchasing a princess bed for your toddler. For starters, consider the height of the bed. Despite being a toddler bed, sometimes princess beds can be high enough off the ground that falling may be a cause for concern. Of course, you could always try to use child safety bed rails, but it may detract from the look of the “big girl bed”. I have known parents that would place a layer of pillows on either side of the bed just in case of a nighttime fall, until their child got used to the bed. Learning to not roll out of our beds is a skill that we developed over time; it doesn't come naturally. And yes, even princesses will sometimes get bumps and bruises.

Many dream beds come with beautiful, intricate canopies. A canopy usually consists of a layer of fabric or other material that is draped over the top of the bed that is usually supported by beams. Many of the fairytale beds have canopies on them, and I have to say, these canopies truly complete the Princess bed look. Be aware, however, that children will often use their bed canopy as a “storage facility” for stuffed animals, pillows and other things. If you find that your little girl is missing something from her room, you might want to check the top of the canopy first. A princess bed with a canopy may be a bit distracting at first, but over time, your little princess will learn to get her beauty rest, despite the excitement of having such a beautiful dream bed to call her own.

Of course, you will undoubtedly have tons of fun choosing beautiful Princess bedding and comforters to match the Princess bed. I think this is probably the best part! Many people choose Disney princesses bedding, but there are many cute princess themed bedding options available. Before you spend money on a dust ruffle, take a look at the bed first. Many princess beds do not have a place to view a dust ruffle, so purchasing one may be a waste of money. I fell victim to this the first time I bought my daughter a princess bed. I had the sheets, the comforter, matching canopy and dust ruffle, and I quickly realized that there was no point in putting the dust ruffle on, because the frame of the bed blocked the view. That's okay; the bed still looked absolutely gorgeous, and I simply returned the dust ruffle.

One more thing that you should probably keep in mind before you invest in a princess bed: how easy it is to make the bed each day. Making the bed can be challenging, depending on how the bed is constructed. If the bed has a high frame that makes the mattress sink well into the bed, making the bed properly can be challenging for both you and your little princess. Of course, this is a small price to pay for such a beautiful addition to the bedroom, but it is definitely worth keeping in mind when you are selecting your bed. I'm quite sure that no matter what type of Princess bed you choose, your little princess will be honored to sleep in it. I hope that you enjoy this developmental stage, it only lasts for a short period of time, but creates fond memories that will last forever.

Princess Beds

It doesn't get any better than this beautiful princess bed.