Times have changed dramatically since a person would tie a piece of string around his or her finger to remember something, especially if the memory was a promise. Promise rings are a special way for those little promises that were made to be remembered forever. Just like fine jewelry, a promise is forever. Once made, it should never be taken lightly. Those moments can be immortalized through the pledge of a promise ring.There are many reasons that a promise ring may be given. Men, women, and children have all given and accepted promise rings. Giving one to someone is not a binding contract, but it is always cordial to be open with the extent of the promise when the ring is presented.One reason to give a promise ring is as an act of friendship. People often vow their lifelong loyalty to their friends through the gift of a ring. By doing so, good friends are virtually making a pact of eternal affection and attachment. Both children and adults have participated in this exchange.Another reason many people give promise rings is as a pre-engagement ring. Some men may know that they have found their soul mate, but they may not be ready for the commitment of a formal engagement. Likewise, they may not be able to afford the exceptional engagement ring that they feel their loved one deserves. In times like this, men may turn to pledging their intentions of a future marriage through a promise ring. By doing so, they make the promise of proposing in the future.Sometimes promise rings are given by a parent to a child in the promise of the child's chastity. Children make the promise to refrain from sexual activity and to keep their innocence and purity. That is why these rings are also often called Purity Rings. In some cases, this style of promise ring may be given when the child pledges to stay drug and alcohol free.Some couples pledge their exclusiveness to each other by giving the gift of promise rings. These do not quite represent the same promise as a pre-engagement ring, but they often have the same oath of monogamy attached to them.Sharing or giving rings as an act of friendship or love has been going on for centuries. Since the beginning of known history, men and women have used the ring as a symbol of gratitude, affection, and allegiance. Rings can be used to seal that emotion into a promise of fidelity.