A partial or total mastectomy can be one of the hardest things a woman is ever faced with. For many women it leads to depression, anxiety, fear and even anger. A prosthesis bra may not fix everything, but it is an amazing device that women all over the world use to feel more confident about themselves. There are many women that come out of surgery committed to not caring abut the loss of one or both breasts. These spirited, independent women are great, but unfortunately their wardrobes have a mind of their own! Blouses and sweaters are often designed with breasts in mind. Prosthesis BraPleats and darts that once made for a great fit can leave post-operative women with a closet full of unflattering clothing. It is much simpler to use a prosthesis bra than replace an entire wardrobe.

The earliest pocketed bras were rudimentary devices that were uncomfortable and unflattering. Today, women are able to buy a mastectomy bra that is pretty and comfortable to wear. The bra choices available today include lace and microfiber styles, a range of colors, and reliable pockets to hold either silicone or foam breast forms comfortably in place. It truly is amazing how these bras can change the outlook of a patient recovering from a mastectomy or other breast operation. There are literally hundreds of online testimonials from women whose lives were changed after the simple purchase of a prosthesis bra or surgical bra. Where once they did not want to even leave the house because of society's perceptions of bust importance and appearance, a simple bra has them ready to take on the world!

Shopping for a proper bra is easier than ever. There are dozens of popular manufacturers making hundreds of styles of bras for breast forms. The ability to have them shipped directly to a home means that a woman can still maintain her privacy. An added bonus is the cost savings. Online retailers are generally cheaper and offer a wider range of choices than local medical supply companies. Some of the most popular models are:

Anita Care Sera Prosthesis Bra
Anita is known for providing a wider range of products to help women through every stage of life. Anita nursing bras are what they are best known for, but they make several great mastectomy bras including the Sera model. Its tulle embroidery makes it a pretty choice and the cotton knit pockets will work with most prosthetics. It has wide shoulder straps for comfort and comes in several colors.

Jodee Celebration Mastectomy Bra - Model 105
Jodee makes several great mastectomy bras that perform well and look great. This one is available in white, blue, pink, black and beige! The cups are lightly padded for support and to maintain a proper shape. The lace top keeps it pretty. The Jodee has straps that are designed to reduce cup bounce and motion like a sports bra.

A prosthesis bra is only a simple step in the rest of a woman's post-mastectomy life, but it really can be a life changer. It is important for a woman to still feel feminine, sexy and confident and even the most grounded woman can fall victim to depression and low self-esteem following surgery. Support groups are fantastic and reading how other patients have recovered and cope will help as well.