If you are considering the adoption of a new puppy and would like to have a small, loving dog to occupy your household, then I would suggest you take the time to investigate the puggle breed. A puggle is a hybrid breed of dog that is obtained by breeding a female pug with a male beagle. This method has seemed to cause the creation of a dog that is a combination of all the good qualities of both breeds. However, not all breeders have mastered the breeding of this animal and while you can purchase one from most pet stores, you will likely be better served by locating a competent breeder that specializes in the puggle breed.

Some breeders are not aware of the proper methods necessary to produce a puggle that has the proper temperament and is free of genetic disorders. A good breeder will have likely conducted some temperament testing of the animals he is using for the breed in order to ensure he arrives at the best mix. Many breeders work with many different breeds and are out to produce animals for a profit and therefore, may not be as knowledgeable as they should be when attempting to produce these new hybrid breeds of dog.

The purchase of one of these dogs requires a little investigation into the genetic background of the animal you are thinking of purchasing. If possible, locate a local puggle club that can provide information about where to locate a good, competent breeder in your area. This should help you to be sure that you obtain a puggle puppy that will make a loving, loyal and healthy addition to your household.

Once you have selected your new puppy and he or she arrives in your household, adapting to their environment and training are much the same as any other puppy. Calm, assertive commands repeated until the puppy begins to grasp the concepts will usually result in a well-behaved dog that is a pleasure for the whole family to be around. A disciplined routine of exercise, corrections when necessary and lots of love and attention will help your puggle stay on a path of development that will make for a well-disciplined dog in the future.

Ultimately, the type of dog you are rewarded with is entirely up to you. By spending the time to research the breeder and taking the time to properly train your new puppy, you will be happy with the puggle that your dog turns out to be. Like any dog, you determine how well-behaved they are. If you are unfamiliar with the necessary training a dog requires, then by all means seek professional assistance. Without the proper training, you could end up with a dog that you feel is uncontrollable and appears to be a menace to society.