There are a ton of colors that people frequently purchase when they are looking into fashion accessories, and then there are a few that are rarely seen. The reasons that colors such as purple and green rarely get chosen in regards to clothing purchases is because they provide you with a very bold look, and have a distinctive tendency to attract the attention of others. A purple bow tie is definitely not the most popular choice, but it is definitely a choice that you do not want to overlook. You should definitely consider the purchase of a purple bow tie if you have a bold personality, and are looking for a piece of fashion that exemplifies that personality in more than one way!

A Purple Bow Tie Is A Vibrant Accessory

The reason that neckties and belts that feature purple and green colors make bold statements is because of how rarely they are seen, and how vibrantly the colors stand out from the others. Imagine that you see cars driving down your street everyday; seeing a car drive down your street will not attract too much of your attention. However, imagine that you have never seen an 18 wheeler truck driving down your street in over 20 years; seeing a heavy 18 wheeler truck driving down your street will definitely attract a lot of your attention, and maybe even cause you to stare in awe. A purple bow tie will not cause others to stare in awe, but you can bet that it will cause many people to look your way because they will have rarely seen a fashion accessory of its sort!

Choosing A Purple Bow Tie And Cummerbund Will Allow You To Look Classy

Everyone seems to be striving for a classy look in our current society, and more people are placing emphasis on looking formal and professional. Some people may immediately think of wearing a vibrantly colored bow tie as an informal way to dress; however, choosing to wear a purple bow tie and cummerbund will definitely create the classy look that you are searching for. I will not really make you look formal, but it will provide you with a bit of class and style to your other clothes that you are wearing it with.

You Should Pair A Purple Bow Tie With A Black Or Purple Vest For Some Great Results

One of the keys to looking great in the fashion industry is matching some of the colors, tones, or designs that you are wearing; however, the last thing that you want to do is go overboard and match too many of your clothing pieces. For instance, an individual that is wearing a brown shirt, brown jacket, and black belt will not look the greatest; however, a person that is wearing that same brown jacket, a black shirt, and a brown belt will look phenomenal. The idea is to match two pieces of your clothing that are not touching each other. Wearing a purple bow tie with a purple vest would be an amazing example of looking great. This combination would look phenomenal, provided that you have worn a neutral colored dress shirt (such as white or black) to separate the bowtie and the vest.

A Purple Bow Tie Can Pretty Much Be Paired With Any Colored Cufflinks, And Still Look Phenomenal-Don’t Stress About It

With our current economy and society providing us with more than enough stress to last a lifetime, you should make an attempt to avoid some forms of unnecessary stress. The clothes that you are deciding to wear should cause a little bit of stress, but not enough to cause you to think about it for more than 3 minutes. A purple bow tie will be worn around your neck, and your cufflinks will be worn around your wrists; moreover, your wrists will only be close to your neck every once in a while. This means that you should not place too much emphasis on matching the tones of your bow tie and cufflinks since they will not be close to each other for the majority of the time.

A Purple Bow Tie May Be Hard To Find In Stores, But There Are Tons On Ebay!

Since stores pay so much money for the space that they rent, they have to ensure that they use every square foot effectively; the majority of their floor space will be devoted to the products that sell the best. Since a purple bow tie is usually not the first thing on people’s to buy list, you may have to go searching on Ebay in order to find one. I would immediately head to Ebay or Amazon to look for a purple bow tie to purchase because it will save you a ton of time in searching through multiple stores.