When considering setting up a home gym, the first and most important fixture that is needed is a quality weight bench. Many other items will occupy the space that becomes your workout area and the results achieved will be greatly enhanced by the choice you make when it comes to your weight bench. While you will routinely work with all the equipment in your home gym, none will be used more than your bench, so it needs to be as versatile as possible.

The weight bench serves to get you positioned in such a way as to provide you with the ability to achieve a full range of motion to accomplish a variety of exercises. Just imagine lying face down on the floor and attempting to utilize a set of dumbbells to work your back or shoulder muscles. Not likely to happen. But lying face down on a weight lifting bench, you are able to lower the weights below the plane of your body thus allowing you to work a wide range of muscles with complete freedom to accomplish a full range of motion.

While you will utilize your weight bench for working the muscles of your upper body with the assistance of a weight machine or free weights, there are many other exercises that can be done using a bench. Many lower body exercises such as leg extensions or leg curls can be accomplished on weight benches. Attachments can be purchased to assist with these exercises, or if you prefer, simply apply some ankle weights and you can have the additional resistance without taking up the additional space that these attachments usually require.

Weight benches come in a couple of varieties and the one you choose to own may depend on the type exercises you anticipate doing. While a flat weight bench is great for toning muscles and working primarily with dumbbells, an adjustable weight bench will provide you with the ability to perform many additional exercises that would be impossible with the flat bench. Take for instance the bench press. You can do bench presses on a flat bench and receive quite the benefit. However, being able to adjust the angle of the bench to place your body in different positions provides your muscles with different degrees of resistance thus achieving greater results much more quickly.

If you are a serious weight lifter or you just want to have the most versatility available, you might consider the purchase of an Olympic weight bench. These benches are larger than other weight benches and provide a much sturdier surface to workout on. With an Olympic bench, you will not have to worry about overloading the weight limit of the bench once you begin to lift more weight than the Governator himself.