firefoxIf you use firefox, then there's a quick fix that unlocks your browser's true potential. The so called "hack" is not actually illegal or difficult in any way. It simply involves changing some parameters that the firefox creators gives you the option to change. Intersted? Read on

Things You Will Need

A couple of minutes
Computer (duh)

Step 1

In the address bar of firefox, enter


and press enter to go to the configuration page. You will see a warning that says you should not continue unless you know what your doing. Since we do, hit "I'll be careful, I promise!"

Step 2

You will be brought to the configuration menu and at the top is the filter. We will be changing four entries in the configuration. First, we must find the value:


To do so, go to the filter at top and copy and paste to find the entry. Make sure that there are no spaces before or after the "network.http.pipelining" or else you will not find the value. Once you have found it, double click on the entry and you will see that the value has changed from false to true. This step enables http pipelining, of which I will explain in the next steps.

Step 3

In the same window, you should see the value


as well. Double click on the value to change it to a higher number between 20-30. Whenever you attempt to load a webpage, your computer sends out a request to load it. Sometimes, the information can be slow. You may have experienced a page that just didn't load at all until you clicked the link again. This is because the request was lost and you never received the webpage information. Now that you changed your value to 20 (or whatever you chose), you are making a lot of demands at the same time, so you will get the page a lot faster.

Step 4

If you use proxies for your internet connection, then you should also add


to the search filter up top. When you find the value, double click and change it to "true".
There you have it! Your pages should load way faster now. If you want to revert your changes, just go back and change the values back to their original values.

Tips & Warnings

Do not increase the max requests by more than 30 as doing so will have your computer make an unnecessary amount of requests to a web server, which will not only slow your home connection but also slow everybody else's connection who are trying to see the page. This trick only works if you have a broadband connection.