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What is Rugby?

If you are familiar with American football, you should be able to easily understand the game of rugby. Rugby is played with two teams of 15 players per side. The game time consist of two half’s of 40 minutes each. As with American football the purpose of the game is to score more points than your opposition. This is achieved by scoring a try (touchdown in American football) or converting penalties thru kicking the rugby ball through the goal posts.

The difference between rugby and American football are in the laws and finer mechanics of the game. Rugby has fewer and simpler rules, making the game more free flowing. The game only stops when the ball goes out of bounce, a law is broken, someone scores points or a serious injury took place. Rugby does not stop after every tackle and it does not have strategic time outs to decide on offensive or defensive plays.

Rugby TryWhat is Sevens A Side Rugby?

Sevens a side rugby consist of the same rules and is played on the same field as normal 15 a side rugby. The differences between sevens a side and normal 15 a side rugby are that a team consist of only 7 players per side and the game time is only 7 minutes per half.

The skills of the individual players are usually a lot better than that of the players in 15 a side team. Tries are also scored at a much higher rate per game, this makes for a fast paced, high intensity game that offers exiting entertainment for the spectators.

Sevens A Side is Quickly Becoming More Popular than Normal Rugby.

This is partially due to the fact that 15 a side rugby has been dominated by “rugby” countries like New Zealand, South Africa, Australia and European countries ever since rugby was invented. When South Africa is playing a country like Fiji in 15 a side match, the odds of South Africa winning is 99%.

With sevens a side, countries like America, Kenya and Fiji can beat any of the “big rugby countries”, making the game unpredictable and exiting. This increases the interest of countries which usually would not be interested in rugby.

Sevens A Side Tournaments .

Sevens a side have a yearly tournament call the HSBC Sevens World Series that consists of 9 rounds. For every round teams receive points depending on the position they achieved for the specific round. At the end of the 9 rounds the team at the top of the points table is crowned that year’s champion.

The exiting part about the tournament is the fact that it takes place around the world, bringing an exciting brand of rugby to countries which never would have experienced it. Each round is played at in a different country and is played over a weekend.

Countries included in the Tour: Rugby Player

• Australia

• Dubai

• South Africa

• New Zealand


• Hong Kong

• Japan

• Scotland

• England

With the increasing popularity of sevens a side around the world it has now been added as an official event for the Olympics.

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