Table Intro

One table, Infinite possibilities

Great changes in life begin at the table..

After proving the theory of H.Ernest, it's possible for people to dissect a square into 4 shapes and easily form a triangle with them. This is the main formula on which this Dynamic Creation is based and it presents a perfect combination of mathematics and movements to create a flexible object which can be adapted everywhere in the house. Compared to a 3d puzzle, it allows its owner to transform and interact with it. Whether you prefer a cube-like form, a triangle or a long table with a sense of energy and movement, a beautiful centrepiece of your living room in Feng Shui style or just one that is sitting along the wall, you have them! With its clean lines and flexible geometries, this dynamic home decor easily fits to any living place as a stylish and eye-catching touch to your interior design.

Colours of dynamic table

Innovative, but practical

What does a man need to be happy

Designed as a storage box, the special table has enough free space where you can place your everyday things and hire them in the new formation. Made up of four individual units that have their names, colours and unique functionality to serve various purposes, it is way different from everything we had till now.

The red module is the smallest one. Used mainly as a shelve, it has a hole in its surface where you can place a plant or a bottle.

The Yellow one consists of two long drawers covering the whole length of the unit. They allow to maximize the space of the unit and use it in the best way possible.

The blue module is much larger than the previous. A shelving space, a large top surface, a low coffee table and space for positioning books, this unit can be used in many unique ways.

The last one - green unit, presents to its owners a large storage box for a quick and easy hide of items you don't want to place on the surface.

The creativity

Jazz up your room with this perfect addition

The biggest benefit of this dynamic furniture is applying of the latest manufacturing techniques that bring us to the realising it as a perfect touch in every room. Made of environmentally friendly materials, it meets all the standards required. It's surprisingly great addition to your home interior and its multi functions allow you to change it in any way depending on the occasion. Suitable for different living places, the yable challenges its owner with all of the possibilities in it. For those of you living on Feng Shui style, this table can be used for every purpose!

For the future changes of your lifestyle, the dynamic design of the module offers 8 different transformations. If you change, your table changes, too. So, from now on, furniture will never be what they were before.

Dynamic House

What's Coming Next?

And what's coming next is the first Dynamic house in the world. What do you think? Would you live in it? Share with me your opinion!