Both professionals and hobbyists have come to appreciate the advantages of having a multipurpose tool that is able to take on a number of functions. The Fein Multimaster tool is an oscillating multipurpose tool that has the high precision for professional work, as well as the versatility and ease of use for hobbyists and do-it-yourself jobs. The Fein name is a well-known one with years of experience in producing oscillating tools. And Fein tools in general have an excellent record of fine craftsmanship appreciated by anyone serious about woodworking.

The Fein Multimaster tool comes with a wide range of accessories for completing nearly any reasonable sized job, whether you are a professional or a hobbyist. This tool is designed with extended usability in mind - the soft grips not only keep your hand from slipping, but the ergonomic design also prevents hand fatigue. The Multimaster isn't a cordless tool, but the slight snag in mobility is more than made up for after you start using this excellent unit. With this in mind, the unit also comes with a 16.4 foot cord to provide enough leeway for any job area (I had no problem moving around my garage to test the unit on several jobs). The 250 watt motor, equipped with electronic speed control, delivers up to 21,000 oscillations per minute. Users will be surprised to find this much power in such a compact package.

With the QuickIN rapid clamping system, you'll be able to cycle through more than a dozen accessories without having to use any tools in order to change them out. Older versions of the Multimaster tool required an allen wrench to switch accessories as do many of the competing oscillating type tools. Several accessories are available in the Multimaster kit, including a sanding set, scraper blade, carbide rasp and segmented blade. The Multimaster also comes with the Universal E-Cut Blade. This accessory is a jack-of-all-trades tool that is very useful in many applications. This 1-1/8th inch blade can cut through wood, drywall and plastic, as well as metal up to 1/32 inch thick. The flush cut design also makes it easier to cut in tight areas. This powerful tool is excellent for household repair projects, car repairs, tile restoration, interior fitting and much more.

Fein markets the latest version of the Fein Multimaster tool in several different configurations or kits starting with an entry level kit called the "Start" up to a top level kit that includes almost all of the accessories Fein makes called the "Top." While even the entry level kit is fairly expensive, you will save a lot of money purchasing a kit that includes accessories you will use rather than buying the entry level kit and then getting accessories separately later on.