A quick snap sprinkler is only one of the many types of tools that you can use to water your lawn; however, I believe that it is one of the best options to consider if you want a portable sprinkler that you can use in your front and back yards! This is an out-of-the box way to water your lawn, can be easily installed, and does not require you to dig up trenches for pipes!

Watering the grass and flowers can be the most tedious landscaping tasks, and can be relatively boring; these types of sprinklers take away the “work” factor of these tasks. All that you must do is hook them up to your hose faucet, and watch your lawn and garden get all of the water that they need during the summer months!

You Can Mow Over These Sprinklers With Your Lawn Mower

Have you ever mowed your lawn and realized that the blades of the lawn mower had cut through your garden hose? The truth of the matter is that this happens really often! One of the most beneficial features of quick snap sprinklers is that they are installed to be flush with the ground; this means that you can go over them with your lawn mower without running the risk of damaging them!

The way that it works is as follows: The sprinklers have a retractable piece that connects to your garden hose. When they are not being used, this retractable piece becomes flush with the ground; when they are being used, the piece is able to be pulled up and connected to the garden hose!

Quick Snap Is A Pop Up Sprinkler That Does Not Need Underground Pipe Connections

Many people work hard throughout the summer months to water and fertilize their lawn so that it stays green and full. In-ground sprinkler systems are amazing for landscaping your home, and will literally automate the task of watering the lawn. However, it is a known fact that you must cut into your well manicured grass in order to install these in-ground sprinklers.

The pipes are laid underneath the ground, which makes them difficult to repair if something goes wrong.

I am telling you the quick snap sprinkler is the easiest piece of landscaping equipment to install! All that you must do is dig a tiny hole to place the sprinkler in, and install it so that it sits flush with the ground! There is no need to dig into the grass that you have spent all summer maintaining!

A Quick Snap Sprinkler Connects To Your Regular Garden Hose

In-ground sprinklers can be pretty costly to install because they must be connected to the water line inside of your house. All of the quick snap sprinklers are one-time costs because they connect to your regular garden hose.

This also helps in terms of resale value. A person that is buying your home may not want the in-ground sprinklers and will have to pay a landscaper a few hundred dollars to have them removed. An above ground sprinkler, such as the quick snap, can be removed with a small garden shovel. All that you have to do in order to remove it is dig it up, and place a small piece of grass in its place!

These Sprinklers Produce A Powerful Spray To Reach Your Entire Lawn And Garden

One would imagine that an inexpensive above-ground sprinkler would not produce a powerful spray; however, it should be known that the spray of these sprinklers is powerful enough to reach whopping 16 feet!

The one thing that I would be weary of when installing these sprinklers is their ability to reach your neighbours’ cars and the pedestrians that are walking on the road. The last thing that you want is for pedestrians to be observing your house’s beautiful landscaping and to suddenly be hit by the stream of water that was supposed to go on your lawn!

Watering your lawn is only a small piece of the puzzle. You must be sure to use landscaping tools such as a lawn mower, grass trimmer, electric edger, and leaf blower to really make your lawn stand out from everyone else’s! With that being said, a quick snap sprinkler is the perfect piece of landscaping equipment for your lawn watering needs, regardless of your property size!

There are a few options when it comes to watering your lawn and garden, and each of these options has their own set of pros and cons. It is simply a matter of finding the best sprinkler system that will fit the landscaping needs of you and your home. A quick snap sprinkler may not be the absolute best option for you; however, it does have a ton of benefits that will make watering your lawn a lot easier!