Increase average traffic by following these suggestions

Constant traffic is one key to creating a successful, sustainable, and profitable website or blog

Hey Guys and Gals!

First off, thanks for checking out my article on generating traffic for your website or blog.  I want everybody to be aware of the fact that this is a post that I made on my website and basically I wanted to make the content available to more people so I made some minor changes (to make everything compatible) and brought it over here to infobarrel for you to read and enjoy.  I urge you to let me know what you think in the comment section or even by going to and letting me know what you think there.  I value all feedback and will listen to (and try to learn from) any criticism.  Thanks again and I hope I can offer at least one bit of useful information.

Now Lets Get Some Traffic

  • Expand Your Horizon

    1. One of the best things that I have done so far, especially because it was FREE was to create a Facebook Page for  I haven’t generated much traffic from it yet, but I think it has helped with some consistency issues that I was seeing the first week.  I also think it is just a good idea to have because it gives you a chance to reach more people and it gives you an extra place to share content or share your posts. It also gives your readers a choice on where they want to get updates on your site or info (directly from the website OR from the website Facebook page).
    2. Another thing that I have done is to really use my twitter account @bfalco126 as another way to funnel traffic to both and to the Facebook page.  I use hash tags for things like #blog, #onlinebusiness, etc. and I always share my new posts on twitter.  Plus, there are a lot of very successful people on twitter and all you need is for one of those people to retweet you or mention your website and that can cause a huge soar in traffic!
    3. Lastly, I have made an effort to get involved on message boards and forums and I have used those platforms as “virtual launchpads” for  Just by making myself known on those kinds of places I am creating more publicity and credibility for myself and my website.  I suggest you do these kinds of things to launch your name or brand and it will make a big difference (as you will see below).

    1. This is the juicy content that you are going to want to take from this post and remember.  If you want to increase your traffic, you MUST spread the word about your site.  You can’t assume that just because you make posts and write epic content that people will magically find their way to your website.  This is especially true if you have a new website and haven’t made it to far up in Google rankings.  One of the easiest ways to spread the word about your website is to send out an email to all of your friends and family telling them what you have created and simply asking them to check it out.  I did this for the first time tonight and saw an instant increase in traffic soon after I sent them email.
    2. You can also generate traffic by back linking your website.  A back link is any link receive by a webpage from another webpage.  For example if I give a link to on Facebook and you access my website by using that link on Facebook, you just used a back link to get from an outside webpage BACK to my website.  This may sound a little confusing but it is actually VERY easy to do and it will more than likely help both your traffic and your credibility.  I am starting to back link from sites such as and multiple forums and message boards as mentioned above.  What I will do is go to a site like infobarrel and write an article about something that I have learned or know when it comes to creating a successful, sustainable, and profitable website.  Then throughout the article I will mention and provide links to access posts that I made on NewBizVision.  Now when somebody reads one of those articles on another site, they may click that link and end up back at  Once, you get the hang of this and see how easy it is then you will see instant results in your volume of traffic.
    3. One last thing you can do is use all of your public platforms (both online and offline) to promote your website.  Use Facebook and twitter everyday to ask people to check out your site and call for that action multiple times.  Talk to people who you work with or live with and have them visit your site.  You can also ask these people to spread your word to their groups of people and you may experience exponential growth.  This may sound silly but I have gone as far as writing down on napkins and strategically placing those napkins in places like Starbucks and other public places.  All of these things help to both increase your traffic and create a steady flow of traffic.  Get out there and market yourself.  Sell yourself like you are the next Bill Gates because if you don’t believe in your efforts why should anybody else?


And Finally, THE RESULTS!!!

Over the last few days I have really focused on implementing these techniques and strategies that are listed above and all I can say is the results don’t lie!  Below is a screenshot of my site statistics and while there isn’t much traffic, you can start to see a trend…

Okay let’s analyze what we are looking at here.  This is what I see when I want to check the basic statistics for my site.  This is a free tool that is provided by the WordPress plug-in jetpack.  If you don’t have a website yet, this is one of the cool monitoring features.  Also, if you don’t have your site yet and still need to get your domain name and hosting then I would love you to use and if you go through my site in purchasing that stuff I will get a commission!  Now back to those statistics.  Sunday evening is when I started learning about some easy ways to increase traffic including social networks, blogging, and word of mouth.  Between Monday and Thursday I began implementing what I was learning and saw steady results but I was only reaching out to people I knew.  On Friday I really branched out and made comments on forums, message boards, and I even tweeted people who I didn’t know really know just asking them to check out  I think it is obvious that these kinds of things helped and I saw a little jump in traffic.  This just goes to show that the further your spread your wings and the more time and content you put into your website, the more it will grow.  I actually heard a GREAT quote today by Pat Flynn on his Smart Passive Income Podcast Session 31 that went something like this…

Every time you publish something online, every time you post something or upload a video or a podcast session, that is a seed of opportunity.  A seed of opportunity, something that can be there later in the future and can possibly change your life and give you opportunities that would never have happened…

 That is so true and I want to end this article on that note.  I know this was a long one but I am so excited with what I am learning and my goal is simply to pass this information on to you.  Thanks so much for taking the time to read this.  I really want to hear what you have to say or think so please comment below.  You also have the option of following on social media sites like Facebook and twitter so check those things out as well!

Thanks again guys and gals and remember with every new skill or talent your learn, you increase your value to somebody else