A raw food diet may be the answer to many of the nations obesity and mineral deficiency problems. In general the excuses for being able to maintain the proper balance of diet and nutrients is time and money. People say they just don't have enough time to prepare the food and do not have the finances to buy the proper food in the first place. There is a movement, however, currently sweeping the United States that claims to be able to fulfill all the human needs for nutrients and minerals regardless of how much time or money the person has. This movement is known by many names but the most well known is the Raw Food Diet.

There are many versions to the raw food diet, however, the standard version adheres to a simple rule. Food must not be cooked above a temperature of 115 degrees. The belief is that the nutrients and minerals the body needs are devoured by the heat in the cooking process thus rendering cooked food to be pointless bulk product. Cooked food fills the void for hunger but not the need for the body. The raw food concept allows the body to maintain the balance of nutrients, health, and even energy without much thought to the consumer. There seemingly is no calorie counting involved. Just natural, organic, un-processed food.

It sounds like a simple enough diet to maintain but there are critics who claim that it is a financial burden or that it takes to much time to prepare. These two criticisms have been disproved countless times but raw food dieticians. The concept is that with a small amount of preparation and the right tools anyone can make a raw food meal. Many raw foodies, as they are called, tend to keep to diets of vegetables and fruits that require little to no preparation. Other raw foodies tend to go a more gourmet route utilizing dehydrators, juicing machines, and other processing gadgets. As long as the food remains uncooked it still classifies as raw.

The supporters of this diet sensation claim that the raw food diet allows for safe and quick weight loss, the ability to maintain a healthy weight naturally, curing of illnesses such as diabetes and even some cancers, and a higher energy threshold. The concept is just taking hold in America so the likelihood of it catching hold over McDonald's, KFC, and other quick prepared meals may be a long time coming. The truth, however, is that this diet could very well be the answer for many of the obesity and health concerns of the modern era. That possible answer to the health crisis in America is worth the look into the benefits of this diet and it's supporters.