Jack Kerouac

There are many myths related to professional writers. A lot of people have the idea that if they can publish a book with a major publisher that they will receive a lot of money and world-wide recognition. This is far from factual in most cases. You can become rich and famous as a published book writer, but you probably will not.

A lot of people assume that published authors make a lot of money. If you have ever had a book published by a major publishing company then you know for fact that you rarely get rich. You need to have a lot of luck combined with your skill as a writer to make enough money to become rich. If you are trying to write a book and get it published with a major publishing company simply to get rich, then you are definitely on the wrong track.

A lot of people believe that writers live exciting lives. We look at famous authors such as Jack Kerouac and Mark Twain, and envision ourselves traveling around and writing about our adventures. In reality most authors are ties to a desk for 8-10 hours per day as they rapidly try to meet deadlines. Rarely is the life of a writer exciting. If you want an exciting life then becoming a book author may not be the best choice for you. It can be an exciting life, but for most authors it is simply a stressful and over glamorized job.

If you plan on self publishing your book then you may not be able to turn a profit, you could easily lose money. If you do get a traditional publishing company to publish your book then don't expect to earn royalties from the book forever. Initially you may see some royalty checks that are not half bad, but as time passes by your book will tend to sink lower and lower. Rarely will a book continue to earn nice royalties for the author. It can happen, but rarely. If you want to keep receiving royalty checks that you can actually pay your rent with then you need to keep writing new books that your publisher will actually consider publishing.

If you think that you are a talented poet and plan on publishing a book of your poems to make a living as a writer then you seriously need a new profession. You may be a talented poet but there is rarely a market for poetry books. You won't get it published by a traditional book publisher and if you self publish or use a vanity press you will lose money.

A professional writer will write all of the time. Even if they are experiencing "writers block" they will force themselves to write. Professional writers usually have a writing schedule and will stick with it. A professional writer does not need to get "inspired to write", as they have to do it every day.

In reality writers block is simply a cop-out. Real writers that have been involved in the professional writing world of traditional book publishers understand that writing is like any other job. These writers have to stick to their schedule of writing, even if they do not feel like it. If you use writers block as a reason that you are not writing then you will never become a seasoned writer with books published by main stream traditional publishers. You will be forced to work some crappy job and only be able to daydream about becoming a successfully published author.

If you want to become a published author without self publishing and actually earn enough money to do it as a career then you have to write a lot. You have to write every day. You have to write even when you do not feel like writing. Don't use writers block as an excuse not to write. If you want to become a successfully published author then you have a lot of work ahead of you, so you better start typing right now. Image Credit: (Flickr/tompalumbo)