Eggs are almost always the quintessential part of one’s diet, and yet your stomach is not the only part of your body that can benefit from them, your skin does, too. Egg masks are said to have the ability to tighten pores, and they also have cleansing and acne fighting properties. Making this mask can definitely improve your skin tone and it won’t bust your budget.

What exactly do egg whites have that makes it really effective? Well, the whites contain albumin, a substance that is rich in protein. Egg whites also contain an enzyme called lysozyme, which has properties that kill bacteria, and that is probably the reason why it helps reduce pimples and even blackheads!

Another great thing about egg masks is that it has the ability to “lift”your skin. The whites are water soluble, and so, if it is applied on the skin,and then dries, a thin film of protein only remains, and at this point one may feel some tightness on the  skin. Many facial products contain a derivative of egg whites because of the fact that it helps tighten not only your skin but your pores as well. That is why this mask is great for people with oily skin because they usually have larger pores. For people who have allergic reactions to eggs, however, are advised to avoid any product that contains albumin. People who are allergic to them cannot obviously use this facial, or else they will look like a tomato head.

Now that we have found out the great benefits of an egg mask, we  proceed with making one at home. It’s relatively easy, affordable and organic! Here are a few simple steps to create your own mask:

1. Separate the egg white from the yolk (sometimes I use the leftover eggwhites after using the yolks in a recipe… yum yum)

2. Slightly beat the egg whites.

3. Apply it evenly on your face.

4. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes or until the eggwhites dry up (you would know if you find it difficult to smile).

5. Rinse with water.

Other options:

Egg White Eye Lift

* beat the eggwhite until frothy, apply it under your eyes, wait for it to dry. Apply a thin layer again, and apply your make up. If it irritates your skin, or gets itchy, wash the dried egg off.

Egg White and Honey

*Mix an egg with a tablespoon of honey and a drop of essential orange oil (you can use lavender if you like). Apply on your face and wait for it to dry. Once it dries, rinse it off with warm water.

The egg mask can be used at least once a week. Your skin will  definitely feel refreshed and “lifted”. Give this a try and you will reap EGGcellent benefits!