Good food is one of life's great joys and pleasures. Great meals are a shared pleasure at the heart of family life. And there's no better way to bring the family together than getting them all involved in the cooking fun.

It's also a brilliant way to express your creativity. Begin by following a recipe closely and then when you get the hang of that dish you can start adding your own unique touches. For example, if you like spicy food, try adding some red pepper to the recipe or nuts and seeds to healthy snacks. Don't be shy-give it a try!

It might sound funny but cooking is also a great way to practice your math. This is where the kids come in too – they don't see it as work just another way of having fun. So if you're making a recipe that serves two and you need to feed four, simply get them to multiply the ingredients by two– it couldn't be easier. Make sure your calculations are right, though because if you get the measures wrong you might be in for a surprise.

And what about the grownups? Well, sometimes the Dads like nothing better than being in charge of the drink provision. In most cases a hearty main course would benefit from a cup of wine or even more. There's nothing wrong with adding a bit of wine to the chef either – remember that well known comment "I love to cook with wine – I sometimes even add a bit to the food!"

And when it's all prepared remember that presentation is all part of the experience. Set the table out as if you are preparing for a feast – use the best china and silverware if you have the chance to. You only live once and why not make it a good one.

When it comes to it most of the family will agree that some of the best times are when we all make the effort to join in and feel appreciated. Showing we care comes in many sizes - it doesn't matter how big or small, when it comes from the heart it's always on target.

Little finishing touches to the food on the plate go a long way too. It might just be a leaf to garnish or a splash of sauce – in our household it's often served with a kiss. After all family occasions are all the better if you serve up a bit of love as well. So, there you have it – a recipe for family goodness. Hope you enjoy.

Martin has spent half his life working in restaurants and the other half learning about people. His love of writing is inherited from his father. He now spends time on different interests such as Food Processors and learning what he can about anything else.