A Retractable screen door is a very discreet, yet useful accessory for your house. They have a very simple, durable mechanism, which allows you to keep the installed all year long, even in cold climate. If you have sliding screens, for example, you must take them off in the autumn, because they will be damaged by wind, rain or snow. With a retractable screen door, the situation is very different: they enter inside their holder while not in use, so you don’t have to take them off. Also, the framing is barely visible: if you pick a frame that has the same color as the doors and the window from your home, people won’t even notice them.

 A Retractable Screen Door – Pick The Right Items

A Retractable screen door is easy to handle and, if you pick good quality items, they will last for years. Make sure that the framing and all the hardware is solid. The best retractable screen door is made of aluminum, but you can find ones made of plastic also. For an exquisite look, you can pick items made of wood, but they are a little more expensive and harder to maintain. When shopping for a retractable screen door, you should go with reliable, well-known manufacturers. Read some customer reviews before deciding what items to get. If you buy cheap ones, the retractable mechanism will break down easily and you’ll end up with screen doors that snap like a guillotine or with ones that remain stuck half way through. You might feel like you’re saving some money when you buy cheap ones, but if you can’t use them after the first rain, you’ll realize you made a bad decision. When you bay accessories for the house, think about quality first pick something that will last for a long time.

The Advantages Of A Retractable Screen Door

Those doors are great, because they are very easy to handle. A single move, and you opened or closed them. Because they take very little space on your terrace or by the entrance makes them a very good choice for all homeowners. Once you install them, they require very little maintenance. You don’t have to take them off in the cold season – because they are retractable and they go inside a holder while not in use allows you to keep them in place all year long. They help you protect your house from annoying insects and from direct sunlight every time you need. A good-quality retractable screen door is very good for protecting your house from extra sunlight. You can save a lot of money on your electricity bill, if you just put some screen doors on. They allow you to keep the doors opened during the day, in the summer. The air circulating inside the house will maintain a comfortable temperature, so you won’t have to keep your AC on for a long time.

 How To Install Your Retractable Screen Door

Those doors are very easy to install and you can do it yourself. You need to be very careful with the measurements – take them several times, to be sure you got them right. It’s really annoying to come home with a retractable screen door and to see it doesn’t fit well. You need them to cover the entire surface of the door, in order to protect you from insects. If there is some space left around the retractable screen doors, they will be practically useless. So, taking the right measurements is very easy. To install them, all you really need is a good screwdriver and some attention. Put the framing in the right position and secure it well with screws. After the framing is solidly installed, all you have to do is adding the cylinder that holds the screens. Make sure that the doors you purchase have a speed adjuster – you don’t want screens that go up and down with high speed and caught your fingers on the way. It’s also very important to ask the manufacturer about the warranty. They generally offer you warranty only for the hardware. However, it’s better to find manufacturers that offer warranty for the net also, because they will be the first ones to break. In order to have your doors function properly for a long time, you should have them packed inside the cylinder when it’s windy or raining.