The mini is very small and light, and with a carbon fiber tank it is easy to hold up all day long. Less energy spent carrying your gun means more energy to run, duck, and dive!

Clamping Feedneck

The center-feed feedneck clamps on to your loader, so you will never lose it mid-game. The Invert Mini's feedneck fits most if not all modern loaders


The Mini is capable of up to 20 bps, which will keep up with any official tournament speed cap.


The Invert Mini does not look like most markers, which makes it stand out in the crowd. It's milling is simple, but very aesthetically pleasing.


The invert mini grips fit very nice into most hands, and the front grip is also very comfortable.

Macro-less Design

The Invert Mini has an internal air line, so there is no macroline. This also means the board is in the front grip instead of the back grip.



The stock Invert Mini trigger is a little wobbly and difficult to walk at first. With a little practice, it becomes a breeze. I would not reccommend you stay away from this marker just because of the trigger until you have tried it yourself. Also, you can purchase an aftermarket trigger for under $30.

Too Small

If you have very large hands, the Invert Mini may be too small for you. It will be slightly uncomfortable to hold and difficult to use. Be sure to hold one at least once before purchasing.

Older Generations Have Issues

If you are buying used, stay away from the generation one and two Invert Mini markers. These generations tend to be a little glitchy, so always purchase a third generation Mini.


The Invert Mini is definitly not a gas-hog, but it is not very effieciant, either. You will need to refill inbetween every third or fourth game, depending on how much you shoot.

Full Review

The Invert Mini by Empire Paintball sells from $300 - $400 USD, and is a very small and light paintball marker. The Invert Mini weighs just under 2 lbs, and is great if you need a compact marker. It can be a little small if you have large hands, but it is worth it to have less marker sticking out of your bunker and more paint flying towards the opposition. The mini has very little to no kick or barrel rise, and has an average sound signature. It is a little loud and kicky out of the box; after a bit of use it breaks in and works like a charm. The stock board comes with four modes: Semi, PSP, NPPL, and Millenium full auto. Overall, it is a great marker for the price.

In Closing

The Empire Invert Mini is a great marker that is small, light, and easy to use. I deffinitly recommend this marker after you have tested it to make sure it fits in your hands and you like the trigger. Pick one up today!