I was very interested in the storyline.


I hope that much of the storyline is setting up for some even more interesting drama later on in the season.

Full Review

Season 3 has pretty much been dominated by the kidnapping of Abel. I have to admit that there have been a few exciting moments like the time that when Jax smashed the guy's head in who committed the drive-by shooting and when Clay shot a member of the Mayans head off, but for the most part the days of showing the motorcycle club for what it is are over. Nowadays the writers are depicting this outlaw club as avenging angels rather than criminals. I liked the first season a lot better. Remember when they burned the tattoo off the ostracized members back, now that is exciting!

Now for the review of the October 26 episode:

What the hell is an outlaw motorcycle club from California doing driving Harleys around the Irish countryside? Where did they get the bikes, that was never explained? Harleys are not cheap and they don't ship well when you are traveling half way around the world.

I have to admit though the episode began well when the club got arrested by some overzealous Northern Ireland Police who were on the take. I also must admit that the deception the Irish chapter of the Sons has going on adds to the drama. I am truly torn about this one. On one hand I really enjoyed watching the Sons play with the porn stars and fight with other clubs, but on the other, it is fun to watch the drama unfold with the Irish. I must say, I was surprised.

Darby reappeared for the second episode in a row. Now he has no hair and has moved over to the "good" side. Now Hector from the Mayans is coming after the Sons and he has a good reason to be hostile since Clay shot his friend in the head.

I also enjoyed the good old-fashioned beer drinking party the Sons went to in Ireland. This showed MC members doing what they do best, drinking and fighting. Jax really is a great fighter.

Two scenes added greatly to the drama. Hector from the Mayans tore up the boxing club with an SKS while the prospect who was supposed to be guarding it sat terrified in the corner and was unable to stop him. Then Tara took Opie's girlfriend to get an abortion and ended up deciding to terminate her own pregnancy as well.

At the end of the episode the priest promises Jax that if he kills Jimmy he will deliver Abel into Jax's arms and then the next scene shows a young couple with Abel in their arms. It appears as if they are adopting him.

In Closing

The Sons Of Anarchy has been one of my favorite all time series since the first episode. It is kind of a motorcycle dude version of The Sopranos.