Once you begin shopping you will quickly come to the conclusion that there are many fine choices for your next overhead car DVD player. Prices and quality are all equally represented. To find a good to better quality unit is a fair target, and there are quite a few to choose from.

Our mission today is to find overhead car DVD players that deliver good quality audio and video performance. We do not want to find one too cheap, nor do we want it to be too expensive either. After all, the adage that you 'get what you pay for' is still in effect. And coupled with that adage is 'if the deal seems to be too good to be true then it probably is' should be another important element in our decision making process.

We also want to purchase an overhead player made by a company that has been in business a good while. This criterion should also direct us as we search online for a reliable distributor that has been in business for many years and has earned a good reputation for customer service and satisfaction.

The DVD player we have selected to review for purchase today is a mid-priced machine distributed by Crutchfield and we found it online at crutchfield.com. Crutchfield has been in the auto accessories business for 35 years since 1974. Its founder and CEO, Bill Crutchfield, Jr manages the company. He started the company when he could not find a reliable car stereo for his Porsche 356 that he was restoring. So he started the company to provide good quality audio equipment for other car restorers. The website, crutchfield.com, became the first audio/video retailer on the Internet to be vendor authorized.

The particular player being reviewed in this article is made by Alpine Electronics, Inc. and has been in the automotive electronics aftermarket car audio systems business since 1967. The machine we have chosen is the Alpine PKG-RSE2 overhead car DVD player.

Some of the more desirable features of the Alpine PKG-RSE2 are these:

  • 10.2" overhead, fold-down video monitor with built-in DVD player
  • Plays DVDs, DVD-Rs/RWs, video CDs, audio CDs, and audio CD-Rs/RWs
  • The PKG-RSE2 has a wireless headphone transmitter with a set of wireless headphone included in the package.
  • The unit has an FM modulator that handles 16 selectable frequencies.
  • A wireless remote control is also included
  • Built-in dome lights are specially appreciated when trying to read titles on the DVD album.
  • Technical features include
  • Composite audio/video output
  • Two composite audio/video inputs plus a dedicated game console input
  • An S-Video input
  • An installation kit is included from the factory.
  • A 1-year warranty rounds out the purchase package.

When you play the Alpine PKG-RSE2 overhead DVD car player, it really brings out the real quality of this machine. You will find that the 10.2" Widescreen LCD drop-down monitor provides a beautiful viewing picture through good contrast control and high brightness to promote better viewing during daylight hours. The audio playback permits a wireless feed to the vehicle's stereo system by way of the built-in FM modulator. You can also plug the unit into the vehicle's auxiliary audio input that is found on the dashes of many newer cars. The wireless headphones included in the system provide private listening for the backseat viewer while the driver can listen to his favorite music through the car's sound system. One really nice feature is the extra pause/play button located near the driver's seat for gaining the attention of the backseat viewer quickly. And for the gamers in the family, there is also a dedicated video game console connector in the unit.

For a truly enjoyable long trip with children in the back, the Alpine PKG-RSE2 overhead car DVD player provides good quality with an appreciable price.