The Canon IXUS 220 HS is a digital camera from the well-known photography company. It is an ultra slim design and would be classified as a compact digital camera. Its specification includes a 12.1-megapixel sensor, 5 times optical zoom, 2.7-inch LCD display and 1080 p video recording functionality. In this review we will have a look at the Canon IXUS 220 HS, shipped review its features and see whether we can recommend it to you to buy.


The specification of the Canon IXUS 220 HS digital camera includes:

  • 12.1 megapixel sensor
  • 5 times optical zoom
  • 2.7 inch LCD
  • 1080 p video recording
  • Ultra slim stainless body
  • Optical image stabilisation
  • Special modes such as toy camera and wink self timer
  • Face detection technology

Image performance

The image performance of the Canon IXUS 220 HS/camera is great and is helped by the high-quality lens and sensor. When using the ISO above 800, it can struggle to produce good quality photos. The optical image stabilizer works to make the images more detailed with greater sharpness.

Design and ergonomics

The Canon IXUS 220 HS is a very slim compact digital camera and will fit easily into pockets or bags.  It follows the conventional design for a compact camera and has a rectangular design and a 2.7-inch non-touchscreen LCD display. The black version does look good and like a high quality product.

Other aspects

This camera has the advanced features, which are also found on other Canon IXUS models. These include miniature and toy camera effects, and a wink self-timer that waits until a chosen face winks before it takes the photo. It also has a mode for a handheld night scene to attempt to create clearer nightscapes.


  • 12.1 MP sensor
  • 5x optical zoom
  • Ultra-slim stainless steel body
  • 1080p video recording
  • Lots of effects and special modes


  • Could have a higher megapixel sensor
  • Poor low light performance
  • 5x zoom could be higher

Is the Canon IXUS 220 HS right for you?

The Canon IXUS 220 HS is a great ultra-slim digital camera. It would be suitable for most people due to its recently reduced price and good feature set making it comparable to many newer cameras. Digital camera technology isn’t moving as fast as it used to and so this camera should produce years of use.


My recommendation is that you should always test the camera before you buy it. You can do this by testing it in a store or by asking a friend or family member who might have one or a similar model. When you are testing the camera you want to make sure it fits your hand well and aspects of the camera like what the shutter lag is like. You can look for example photos and videos by searching for “Canon IXUS 220 HS picture” on sites like Flickr and YouTube. These can show you how the camera will perform in real world settings and let you see how the camera really performs.

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Are you thinking of buying the Canon IXUS 220 HS? Have you bought one? Do you wish you had bought a different digital camera or are you happy with your purchase? Feel free to leave a comment below for people to see.