The LG 55LM8600 is a 55-inch 3D capable TV set suitable to use in a home cinema setup. The screen packs full HD support, 240Hz, dual core processor and is LED backlit. It is available for around $2500 online although there will be some deals or bargains out there when combined with other accessories. It’s a great TV and well worth investigating if you are thinking of buying a new big screen TV. In this article we take a look at the LG 55LM8600 - reviewing its specification to see if it is worth buying.
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The specification of the LG 55LM8600 includes:
  • 55 inch LED backlit screen
  • 240Hz screen refresh rate
  • 3D support (and some packs include 6 pairs of glasses)
  • Full 1080p support
  • Dual core processor
  • Magic remote with voice recognition
  • Smart TV platform to access online content

Picture quality

This set has good video quality, as would be expected from a TV of this cost. The picture is crisp and there are a lot of different options to alter the image for your situation. The LG has automatic lighting adjustment when can help alter its backlight - a useful feature when used in a room with ambient light that changes throughout the day. The 3D system on this TV is great, and it uses passive glasses rather than active shutters. This means that there is no charging and the glasses are much cheaper to buy. Passive 3D is definitely the future in my opinion and might finally bring 3D to the masses.

Sound quality

This is a very thin TV, and thin TV’s don’t have the space for large speakers. This sets speakers are good quality and I don’t think many of us would bother with upgrading. That said if audio is ultra important to you then I would recommend buying a sound bar - or hooking the TV up to your home entertainment system.

User interface

The magic remote is a rather interesting take on how to interact with a TV set. It effectively works like a Nintendo Wii remote or Logitech Air mouse, producing a cursor on the screen that is controlled by the movement of your hand. It is a different way of doing things, and definitely shows how TVs are becoming more connected and linked to technology.

Other features

This TV has a couple of other cool features. One feature is allowing two player full screen gaming on a single screen. It does require additional glasses but it will enable families to play full-screened gaming against each other. The LG also has been awarded Energy Star qualification that states the TV should use 30% less power than the average TV set. Other features include automatic lighting adjustment to match room light levels, 3D sound zooming and 3D depth control.


  • Large 55inch screen
  • Thin
  • Lightweight
  • Good user interface
  • Dual core processor
  • Energy efficient
  • Passive glasses on 3D


  • Not brilliant sound
  • Cost
  • Magic Motion Remote can lose tracking occasionally

The Competition

There is lots of competition with this TV. It's a great set but most, if not all, of the main TV manufacturers have TVs in the $2500 price range. Manufacturers such as Sony, Samsung, LG and others produce great TVs with a similar 55-inch form factor. To decide between them will have to do some sort of comparison which is difficult to do fairly. My favorite method is to choose the top 3 in the price range based upon the audiovisual experience. If one TV stand out the best then purchase that one, if not then choose the TV based on the price and offers available. If buying from the store or online then free offers may include reduced price home cinema systems, Blu-ray players, Internet TV streamers, accessories such as 3-D glasses, free downloads or Blu-ray is/DVDs. To make sure that the freebie that you are getting has not expired and preferably that it is included in the box or picked up from the store that you're buying from/shipped automatically online. The store adviser may not always know the most up-to-date information to check yourself or get them to double check with their manager.

How To Buy And Choose A TV

The easiest way to buy a TV is to start by doing the research online. Review websites normally review hundreds of different TVs from lots of different manufacturers every year. Because of that they get a lot of experience and tend to run special programs or discs on the TVs to try and get a conclusive and quantitative difference between each one–which can be difficult to do visually in a store. The review website will also let you to direct comparisons between TVs in a better way than most online websites as they will include all of the TVs that they have reviewed–not just the ones that they sell. One thing to bear in mind with online review websites is that they tend to favor the more expensive product and/or they may tend to favor certain brand. Therefore once you have got a small selection of TVs you should look at other review websites to see what they make of them.
Should you buy the LG 55LM8600 55-inch screen?
This is a large TV set, even though it’s very thin, and would be suitable for use in recreational rooms, gyms and large bedrooms. It is very power efficient and highly connected to both other devices and the Internet. It is quite expensive so you should look around for deals, and it would be worth checking out the picture and sound quality for yourself to ensure it is what you are after.
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