There has been a massive amount of interest in the mindflex game of late and here I would like to offer some information if you are considering buying this new and frankly rather amazing kids toys.

The new mindflex game is being touted as a telekinetic mind game and we can see why. The fact is that we are able to make a ball move by the power of our minds. It sounds incredible but we really are entering a whole new world of games with this new release from Mattel. Let's take a look at the game and what we get.

Wherever you find the cheapest Mindflex game be sure to read a few of the many mindflex game reviews before you buy. This way you will be able to see just what others are saying about it. What you will find are mostly glowing reports. Here is how we use it.

We put on the headset. This has sensors in it that will read our brainwaves. Two clips go on an ear lobe each and then another sensor is placed above the left eyebrow. We than find that by the powers of concentration we can actually rise a ball in the air. Our brainwave patterns are being read and when we concentrate really hard we can make the ball go higher. As we get more adept at the game we will be able to change how hard we concentrate to either make the ball go up or down.

In this way we must try to move the ball around the course. It has all manner of obstacles and this includes hoops and ramps. By moving the ball we can make it go through, up or under all that is in its path.

It really is incredible to see the kids play this game. There are not many that actively encourage them to use their skills at concentrating and it really does improve their minds. It is great to know that there are games that can actively help improve their brains while they have nothing but fun at the same time.

If you want to get them something totally different and unique then this certainly fits the bill for the children. There are sure to be many mindflex reviews out there for you to read and you will find that many are as glowing as this one. Just remember that as with many toys this year that are very popular the prices do seem to be rising daily as the items become more scarce. It will be better to buy things sooner this year rather than later as toy companies seem to have under estimated the popularity if certain items this year.