There are some golfers that play for the joy of the game, being outside, and spending time with friends. While the rest of us appreciate those aspects of the game, we also want to improve. It feels a heck of a lot better when you shoot your all-time best than when you triple bogey nearly every hole. There are several products on today's market that are advertised to help you improve your golf swing. One of them is reviewed below.

The Momentus golf swing trainer is a weighted golf club that is supposed to help improve your swing. The goal of the design is to have you swing a heavier club than usual so when you swing your own regular clubs, they will feel lighter. This, in turn, should improve clubhead speed. This is a popular method in baseball, so why not golf?

One problem is that in baseball, bat speed can improve power and your aim isn't very important, whereas in golf, accuracy is everything. That said, the Momentus trainer does improve clubhead speed, which will improve your power and distance. However, there was no evidence that this club will improve accuracy. If anything, it might have a negative short term effect. The key is to continue use of the training aid prior to play. You will eventually get the hang of it. Once you do, your clubhead speed will have improved.

There was a rumor on the internet that this training aid, weighing in at under 3 lbs., could improve strength. That was difficult to believe, but after the first two or three sessions, you will have sore muscles. It might improve strength in the beginning because you're working your muscles harder than usual, but once your body gets used to it, it will be more like muscle endurance training - which isn't a bad thing at all.

One of the big bonuses for the Momentus golf swing trainer is that seems to be extremely durable. You can use it in any weather, leave it outside overnight, spray it with a hose, or let your kid play with it. It seems as though it can withstand pretty much anything. Of course, it would be wise to take good care of it, but it helps to know it's durable in case you have poor upkeep habits.

This golf swing trainer is usually sold at around $160, which is a fair price.