The Samsung N145 Plus is a netbook available for a low price. It is from the well-known laptop company Samsung and has a specification that includes an Intel Atom 1.66Ghz processor, 1Gb ram and a 320Gb hard drive. In this article we will review the Samsung N145 Plus for its pluses and minuses, to see whether it stands out from the competition.


The Samsung N145 Plus netbook has a specification that includes:

  • An Intel Atom N455 1.66Ghz processor
  • 1 Gb DDR2 RAM (Maximum capacity 1Gb)
  • 320 Gb hard drive
  • Integrated graphics
  • Claims up to 14 hours of battery life
  • Matt 10.1 inch screen


The Intel Atom CPU in the Samsung N145 Plus isn’t the most powerful that exists. Because of this this netbook wont compare with a high-end laptop or desktop, but that difference is reflected in the price of this machine. This netbook would be suitable for tasks like web browsing, office usage and general low stress programs. It will struggle with video streaming services and with high definition video.

Design and ergonomics

The Samsung N145 Plus is designed like a conventional netbook but it is quite a slim machine. It carries a Samsung design found in many of their other netbooks and laptops, and the design looks very office like and wont offend.

Typing on this netbook should be a good experience as Samsung produces good netbook keyboards. Having a matte screen reduces screen glares and eyestrain, whilst making it much easier to use outdoors in bright sunlight.

Other aspects

Battery life claims vary from 10 hours to 14 hours, in mu opinion I’d side with the lower values but your mileage may vary. Whether you use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and CPU intensive application will affect your battery life massively. The operating system on this netbook is Windows 7 Starter Edition, which has some limitations compared to the Home edition. These limitations range from not being able to set the wallpaper to how much RAM can be installed, although many of these limitations can be circumvented with 3rd party software – especially changing the wallpaper.


  • Intel Atom N455 CPU
  • Low price
  • Large hard drive
  • Long (Up to 14 hour) battery life
  • Matte screen to reduce glare


  • Slightly underpowered
  • Varying claims for the battery life
  • Limited to 1Gb of RAM
  • Windows 7 Starter Edition

Is it right for you?

The Samsung N145 Plus is a good netbook available for a very good price. The recent launch of the ultra book category will cause netbook prices to drop and these machines will become ever better value. This machine would be suitable for students, for a portable office machine or a second computer for a family home.


My standard advice is to try this laptop out in a store to test the ergonomics. You need to find out if you find typing comfortable and whether the track pad is easy to use. Aspects of the Samsung N145 Plus such as its size, weight and a general feeling of if you think the netbook is good quality.

Have you bought a Samsung N145 Plus? Was it a good buy? Do you wish you had bought a different netbook? Feel free to leave a comment below.