The Samsung UN55EH6000 TV is a 55-inch HDTV available for around $1500 or less from online retailers. It includes features such as a full 1080 p screen, 120 Hz refresh rate and LED backlighting. In this article we are going to review the UN55EH6000 and see whether you should buy one or not as part of your home cinema setup.
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The specification of the Samsung UN55EH6000 TV set includes:
  • A 55-inch screen
  • 1080 p full HD support
  • 120 Hz refresh rate
  • LED backlit display
  • Very slim design

Picture quality

The screen picture quality of this Samsung UN55EH6000 TV is pretty good. The picture is nice and sharp although it may require a bit of adjustment for your individual room settings. The LED backlighting is very bright making this TV ideal for rooms with lots of windows or bright ambient lighting – it may also be the first setting you want to turn down. This set doesn't cost a lot of money and doesn't come with any advanced features such as 3-D, but apart from 3-D it's not really lacking anything in the picture department.

Sound quality

The UN55EH6000 is a very thin and slim television. Thin TVs usually have smaller speakers meaning they lack low end sound, but this is okay for such a TV. If you are after a really good audio experience than buying a home cinema speaker system for a speaker sound bar will help, especially if you using the TV in a large room.

Other features

This TV is quite a basic set which is reflected in its price. It doesn't have advanced features such as 3-D or built in Wi-Fi, but these can be easily added through its two HDMI ports. I personally have an more advanced Samsung TV but I only use an Apple TV, negating the requirement for its smart TV platform. The only slight issue with this TV is that it only has two HDMI ports, which means you might struggle if you have a couple of games consoles as well as a home cinema Blu-ray system. 


  • Low price
  • Very bright screen
  • Large display
  • Very slim bezel and design


  • Very bright screen
  • May need a sound system for larger rooms
  • Lacks advanced features such as 3-D and smart TV

The Competition

The 55 inch segment the televisions appears to be the biggest currently in the market–meaning there are lots of different models from different manufacturers producing lots of competition. All of the major manufacturers including Sony, LG, Panasonic and even Samsung have competing 55 inch models. This means with all this competition that choosing the right TV can be a bit difficult. My favourite way of doing it is to choose the top 3 TVs in roughly the price range you are looking at. From that you choose your TV based on the price and/or offer available. Offers may include free Blu-ray players, free Blu-ray discs and DVDs, free cables, money off coupons, advanced access to downloadable content and other interesting freebies. Do make sure that the freebie or offer is in date and has not expired. You can do this by asking the store clerk or by looking at the box. Sometimes the offer is only available for 6 months or is only effectively worth something for a period of time–perhaps early access to a new Blu-ray film. The best way of getting your freebies is to have them shipped with your online order or be able to pick them up from the store as you buy your TV set.

How to buy a TV

My favourite way of buying a TV is by doing your research online. Review websites or your friend and they are very numerous, if you have a good one then put it in a comment below. A review website is useful as they tend to review hundreds of different TVs and compare them in an objective manner. They may run discs or software to determine contrast ratios, refresh rates and response times–and compare them with the manufacturers quoted figures. They may also have set footage they display screens and with all the different TVs they review they tend to have a better understanding than most of us. That said, some reviewers may be biased to check out your TV on several different websites.
One advantage of review websites is that you can do direct comparisons of TVs. You may be able to compare a TV based on its best price, specification or other feature. The advantage of doing it on a review website compared with doing it with an online website include having a greater selection of televisions and having access to lots of different websites current prices and stock levels.

Should you buy the Samsung UN55EH6000?

This TV is a great TV suitable for use in both a home cinema main TV role and also secondary role such as in bedrooms, gyms, snugs and studies. Its backlight can go extremely bright meaning that it can be very flexible – an extremely useful feature if you have a modern open plan house. As ever before you buy a TV should try to look at one in store. You should compare it to other models for aspects such as its size, depth, brightness and available ports. Using a shopping or product comparison site could also give you much better price, as I'm sure this TV can be had for less than $1000.
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