The Samsung UN55ES6500 TV is a 55-inch HDTV suitable for use at home in a home cinema, recreational room or other similar environment. It is available for around $1800 from online websites and comes with full HD, 3-D and online content support. In this article we are going to review the UN55ES6500 to see whether it will be a good fit for use at home.
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The specification of the Samsung UN55ES6500 TV includes:
  • A 55-inch display
  • 1080 p full HD support
  • 120 Hz refresh rate
  • 3-D support
  • LED backlit display
  • Smart hub connectivity
  • Web browser and built-in Wi-Fi

Picture quality

The picture quality of the Samsung UN55ES6500 TV is good for a TV of this type. It has a clear picture with a good range of colors, and Samsung TVs are capable of going very bright so this is suitable for environments where it may be extremely light such as kitchens or home gyms. The 3-D support on this TV comes from active shutter glasses; this technology is the original 3-D technology and is being slowly superseded by passive glasses available on some newer and more expensive sets. This will only be a problem if you want to buy lots of pairs of glasses as they can cost a lot of money or if you watch a lot of 3-D content as you do have to charge the glasses before you use them.

Sound quality

This is a very thin TV. Thin TVs tend to have very small speakers meaning that they are only good in the high to mid range and some can lack in the low range sound output. The sound on this Samsung TV is very good and would be fine for virtually any use. If you wanted to use in a large room all to improve the sound quality; you may wish to use a sound bar or home cinema speaker setup.

Other features

This TV is a “smart TV”, meaning that it comes with additional hardware and capabilities when compared to a “standard” TV.. It comes with Samsung's smart hub software and built-in Wi-Fi. This allows the TV to access online content such as NetFlix and applications like Twitter, although there are some complaints that some applications have yet to be launched in 2012. Having owned a different Samsung TV for awhile there are regular updates to the service although check-in store to make sure the applications that you want will be available or already are available on this TV.


  • Very bright screen
  • Large 55-inch display
  • Very slim bezel and design
  • Good smart TV interface


  • Some regard the TV as being overly bright
  • Also some adjustment needed for the colour
  • May struggle to provide a large room with good sound

The Competition

There is a lot of competition in the 55 inch segment for TVs. All of the big manufacturers have a TV with this size in this price range. That means that to decide between them can be quite a difficult task. I think the easiest way is to choose the top 3 by looking at how they look and how they sound, then choose by selecting on price or the offer available. You may well be out to get freebies such as free Blu-ray players, home cinema systems, 3-D glasses and free Blu-ray discs. Do make sure that what ever freebies you get have not expired and that preferably they are available in store to be picked up with your TV or shipped straight away from an online website. I only mention this as I have been “stung" by buying something thinking I'm getting a good freebie when the freebie offer has actually expired–my mistake but worth mentioning. Also check the actual value of the freebie as the store price may not be the real price if you shop around on sites such as Amazon and other brick and mortar stores.

How To Buy A TV

Buying a TV can be hard but the best way is to start by doing research online. There are lots of good review websites for most countries and they are good places to visit, as they tend to review all of the major TVs from all the major manufacturers. A good reviewer will also run discs to examine image performance and sound performance, as well as no the other manufacturers additional features such as their smart TV software. They may be able to produce quantifiable results such as contrast ratios, screen response time, how well the Wi-Fi works and any other features. You should also be able to compare TVs looking for their best price, screen size and any other information. This is advantageous when compared with shopping websites as the only show the TV models that they stock. Some review websites may be slightly biased so ensure that you look at different review websites to get a good idea of what your TV could potentially do.

Should you buy the Samsung UN55ES6500?

I think this is a great TV and have owned a similar model for a while now. I think it's very well suited for environments where there's a lot of light as the LED backlight on Samsung TVs is very bright. I would buy this TV to use it as part of a home cinema setup, in a bedroom or in the gym where there is lots of ambient and/or artificial lighting.
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