Using an external keyword tool is a necessity if you are looking to earn an income on the web.It is totally useless to buy a domain name and start a blog, creating a product or service if you don´t know that there is a market for it, or writing articles if you cannot be absolutely sure that people will search for the key phrases on search engines.

You must also get a decent ranking in the search engines (preferably a top 10 result) in order to get any traffic.This can be done by using an external keyword tool that will show you all the important information you need to know.You need to take "guessing" out of the equation in order to have a chance.99% of website owners never do any proper keyword research and this is why most people fail.

You must know facts like:

Does the keyword phrase have a lot of competition or very low competition? The more sites that talk about the same thing the harder it will be to rank.It is never a good idea to choose a key phrase with lots of competition.

Searches per month/day:
How many people are searching for the key phrase per day? This is also something you cannot guess.It makes a huge difference if a keyword is searched for only 10 times per day or 1,000+ per day.

Is it a commercial keyword?
Are people willing to spend money or is it a keyword phrase people type in just for fun? This makes a huge difference, because you need to pick "money keywords" in order to make money.Those who search for something just for the fun, are never going to spend money anyway.

Domain age:
Domain age plays also a role in how likely it is that you will rank for a certain phrase.If a competing website has been around for several years, it can be difficult to outrank it (getting placed higher in the listing).

Back links:
How many back links does the competing website have? Back links play a huge role in how well a website ranks, especially links that come from other websites that talk about the same things.Search engine algorithms change all the time and back links can also be de-valued, especially those that look unnatural and are build for the search engines.Back links need to be natural and built over time.

That is why writing excellent content is so important, people will link to your information over time if it is useful and helpful.You don´t need to worry about building links to your site and these links way a lot more in the search engines eyes than links from article sites or other low quality sites.Just make sure you make linking to your content as simple as possible by adding "share" buttons.

There are many other facts you must know and there is no way you can guess them.You must use an external keyword tool and here are a short review of some of the best tools out there.

#1: Google Adwords Keyword Tool

This is a no-cost tool that Google has made available for everyone who wants to place ads  through their Adwords program, but you can also do keyword research in order to find phrases that are not too competed, but it does not tell you if it is a "money keyword" or not.

I personally used the Adwords keyword tool in the beginning of my career and it did help me find some great phrases to use.

It basically shows you how many global monthly searches a keyword has and how many local monthly searches it has based on a few match types.You can choose between "broad match" and "exact match".Choosing "exact match" will give you a much more accurate result.All in all, this tool is very basic and suitable for people who are just learning about keyword research.

Here´s a more in-depth video about how Google Adwords Keyword tool works:

#2.Market Samurai

Market Samurai is an external keyword tool that is very popular, lots of Internet marketers use it to find profitable keyword phrases.This software seems to be in beta mode but it runs on Adobe Air which makes it available on all platforms.Market Samurai is the most advanced keyword research tool out there and you can do really in-depth research with it.

It contains 8 different moduls that are designed to help you choose the right phrase.When you sign up for their free 2-week trial you will get access to many trial videos that explains step-by-step how to use the software.You can also find many videos on YouTube, but none of them are made by the company are not up-to-date because changes that are made in the software.

With Market Samurai you get access to 8 different modules:

  • Keyword research - Allows you to find relevant keywords and analyze them in-depth.
  • SEO competition - Makes it possible to analyze your Top 10 ranked competition and your own site as well.
  • Domains - Makes it easy to locate high-quality, keyword optimized domains.
  • Monetization - How to find products or services to promote and earn income from.
  • Find content - Makes it easy to find content on the web that are relevant to your key phrases.
  • Publish content to the web - On your own site and beyond
  • Promotion - How to promote your website
  • Rank tracker - Helps you track all of your search engine rankings

Market Samurai has made a few videos available that shows in smallest detail how the software works and how you can benefit from using it.You can also download the software for free and try it out for your self.I personally use this software and am very happy with the results.

#3.Micro Niche Finder

Micro Niche Finder is another external keyword that I can recommend.It is developed by James Jones, who is an experienced Internet marketer.Micro Niche Finder is a "all-in-one" tool especially designed to find profitable niches.It shows a "green light" if the niche is recommended to get into, a "yellow light" if you are not afraid for a little competition and willing to work a little bit harder in order to get a ranking, and a "red light" if the niche has just too much competition to make it worth it.

Micro Niche Finder works a lot like Market Samurai, but it does not have all the nice features like detailed SEO competition and in-depth keyword research which I personally like, but many marketers do not need all the "gadgets" in order to find profitable keywords to go after. This is a great tool for finding out if a niche is a "gold mine" or not.

For more information you can sign up on their website for 5 free videos that share more in-depth information about how to use the software, or watch the video here below for a quick presentation: