The Samsung UN55ES6100 TV is a 55 inch 1080 p slimline set available for around $1500-$2000. It features smart TV, built-in Wi-Fi, all share and LED backlighting. In this article we are going to review this Samsung TV and see if it's really worth buying.
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  • The specification of the Samsung UN55ES6100 TV includes:
  • 55-inch display
  • 1080 p full HD
  • 120 Hz refresh rate
  • Slim design including slim bezel
  • Samsung smart TV platform
  • Built-in Wi-Fi

Picture quality

The picture quality on this TV is excellent. The screen is very bright, some would regard it to be too bright, although you can reduce the brightness in the settings. The picture is sharp and is a good picture for a TV that costs around $1700. The aspect of this TV that is obviously missing is that it lacks any sort of 3-D support. You can see this as a positive or a negative. 3-D support really requires a passive 3-D technology that is only available on TVs, which cost multiples of the prices this one demands. Active shutter glasses are a pain in reality, and having bought a set with active 3-D glasses we use them for the 1st week and now they gather dust. 3-D content isn't mature yet and so if you are likely to replace this TV in a couple of years you will get a much better 3-D experience than you would if you chose a 3-D capable model at the same price as this.

Sound quality

This is a thin TV which usually means that the sound quality is compromised. However Samsung have managed to create a good sound experience that is suitable for most applications and rooms. If you are a massive home cinema buff however you may wish to add in a home cinema speaker setup, especially if you are a big fan of bass in your movies.

User interface

The Samsung smart TV interface is reasonably easy to use. This TV sets ships with a standard remote control although you can send off for a universal one for free. Having only use the standard remote control in conjunction with the smart TV interface is very easy to get to channel browsers, online content such as YouTube and net flicks, and to access any of the settings or menus on the TV.


  • Low price
  • Large screen
  • Good picture quality
  • Decent audio quality
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Smart TV platform is good


  • Lacks 3-D support
  • Some complaints of a lack of connections
  • Home cinema buffs may need a sound bar or sound system
  • Requires you to send off for a universal remote, rather than shipping with one in the box

The competition

The 55 inch TV segment is one of the most competitive, if not the most competitive, TV segment today. The 55 inch screen size is ideal for most people as it is big but not too big to be placed in most living rooms and it is definitely not a small size. Deciding between different TVs from different manufacturers and different models can be difficult. All of the major manufacturers produce 55 inch televisions, including Sony, Samsung, LG and Panasonic. My favourite way to decide between TVs is to generate a top 3 list by looking at TVs in your price range but not looking at the price as a factor. Would you have got a list of top 3 TVs that you should television based upon the offer and the price. Note that you may also have to factor in freebies or reduced price deals such as cables, Blu-ray players, Blu-ray discs, DVDs, Internet streamers and accessories such as 3-D glasses. Would you factored in the best price then my advice is to buy that one unless one TV is something that you must have e.g. an outstanding audiovisual experience or access to certain software. Be aware that some freebies may have expiration dates and you should always check the dates before you buy. Ask the store clerk and preferably be able to pick up the freebies as you buy the TV or have them shipped automatically if you're buying online.

How to buy a TV

there is so much choice with televisions today that buying can be quite hard. The easiest way my opinion is to do your research online using review websites. These websites review hundreds of different TVs from hundreds of different manufacturers every year and are probably the best people to look to when choosing a TV. Usually they will run software or special desks which can give real data on the TV such as image performance, contrast ratios, response times and other information can be quantified making it easier to compare televisions. You can also do direct comparisons of TVs on the websites themselves allowing you to compare features and specifications. This can be better than doing it on an online website is not all online stores will stock the full range of televisions. The only thing to note is that some TVs may be preferred by certain reviewers because of their past experiences–an element of bias. To get around this look at the reviews of your TV from several different TV review websites.

Should you buy the UN55ES6100?

I think this is a good TV suitable for use in bedrooms, kitchen is and even the main reception rooms where you do most of your TV viewing. It isn't as expensive as the highest end TVs that obviously means that you lose some functionality and features, mainly focused on 3-D support, but I think the lower cost outweighs that.
Have you bought a Samsung UN55ES6100 recently? Would you recommend buying one again? All or would you recommend buying a TV from manufacturers such as LG or Panasonic? Feel free to help others by leaving a comment below, and if you need to join InfoBarrel then there is a link at the top of the page.