The Panasonic VIERA TC-P60ST50 is a 60-inch TV available for less than $2000 from online review sites such as Amazon. It is a great TV with a specification including 3D capabilities, full HD capability and uses plasma technology to produce some of the best picture quality available. In this article we will take a look at the Panasonic VIERA TC-P60ST50 60-inch plasma TV to see why you might want to buy it, and why you might not.
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The specification of the Panasonic VIERA TC-P60ST50 includes:
  • 60-inch screen
  • Full HD
  • Plasma based screen
  • 3D capable
  • Built in wifi
  • DLNA support
  • Slim design

Picture quality

The picture quality of the Panasonic VIERA TC-P60ST50 is brilliant with the picture being sharp with excellent black levels due to the use of the plasma screen. The screen, like all TV’s, might need a little bit of adjustment before you use it to adapt it to your lighting and viewing conditions – although this is easy to do. The screen has an antireflective coating that reduces the effect of windows and light sources. That said, plasma TVs will never be as bright as new LED LCD screens, so if you are after a TV for use in bright areas then you should consider buying an LED/LCD screens instead. This screen is 3D capable, but it uses active shutter glasses that require charging and are costly when compared with some TV sets that use passive 3D technology.

Sound quality

Sound quality on thin and slim TV’s like this tends to be poor, but this set is pretty good. It features a 3D sound mode but if you are an audio buff you will want to keep to a home cinema speaker system or sound bar. Both of those solutions will work well with the Panasonic VIERA TC-P60ST50 to boost the audio experience.

Other features

This VIERA is very slim and around 1.5 inches thick; it’s still a big TV though due to its large screen size. The inputs include 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB inputs and built in wifi. The software on the TC-P60ST50 includes support for applications including Amazon, Netflix, Pandora and YouTube. This new 2012 version of the TV stores the apps in the cloud, supposedly allowing you an unlimited number of apps – although in reality you will only use four or five.


  • Large screen size
  • Built in wifi
  • Large connectivity options
  • Good selection of apps
  • Good screen quality


  • Sound quality might suffer in large rooms
  • Active 3D rather than passive 3D
  • Brightness of a plasma display

The Competition

The competition with this TV is fierce. It is quite excellent television and so manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony, LG and even Panasonic itself have got TVs you should also consider. To choose between them is quite a difficult task. The only fair way of doing it is seeing them in a shop and doing a direct comparison–but then the issue of price comes in. Personally I would choose the top 3 that you like, then choose out of that 3 based on price and what offers were available at the time of your purchase. Offers may include free or reduced price Blu-ray player and home cinema systems, free Blu-ray’s, downloads or even cinema tickets. One thing to note with these freebies is that sometimes they have expiration dates and if you're buying a TV which is more than 6 months old, they may have expired. So ensure that you check whether the offer is still valid and don't just rely on the store adviser.

Basics of buying a TV

You might want a little advice on how to actually buy a TV. First of all do your research online. Review sites deal with hundreds of different televisions from all of the major manufacturers every year. They may run specialist software and/or programs on the TV to look for certain characteristics of the screen and test the built-in sound. A good review site will also let you do a direct comparison of different TVs in a similar way to most shopping websites such as Amazon. The advantage of doing it on the review website is that not all shopping websites stock all the TVs at the best price–look for the widget on the review website with a link to the best price (usually an online website such as Amazon). Spending your time doing research is vital as when you do a comparison in store you may not get optimal lighting, you might not be able to do a direct comparison of the TVs and you may also have a salesman hassling you. It is that it

Should you buy the Panasonic VIERA TC-P60ST50 TV?

I think that this TV is great and will probably be being bought as the main TV as part of a home cinema system. It will be best suited in rooms where the lighting can be controlled, and if you are a home cinema enthusiast then combining it with a sound system will give you a dramatically improved experience. Before buying this TV you should do a price comparison search, and preferably see the TV in action. If a friend of yours has one of these Panasonic Viera TV’s or even a similar model you may wish to see it in a real home setting.
I hope you've enjoyed this review  of the Panasonic Viera TC-P60ST50. Have you bought a similar TV? Have even bought this exact model? Where did you go for the best price? Did you manage to get any deals? Are there any other pros and cons of this TV? Help others by leaving a comment below this article. If you need to join Infobarrel then you can by using the links at the top of the screen or by using the link on my profile.