I approached the You Wave Ultra with great trepidation; heating devices don’t usually get along with me (I have big issues concerning the whole burned-hair-head scars-lingering pain thing that often results).
After a couple of days working up my courage (along with a huge curiosity factor), I decided to go for it; since there was a low-heat setting (and emergency shut-off!), any potential inflicted damage would hopefully be minimal.
I carefully started after carefully reading the instructions, and then carefully setting those same instructions nearby, along with an open window ledge (just in case a quick exit from the device was needed).
I started, using low-heat (even though my medium-length, coarse hair required medium to high), just in case.
As I proceeded, the realization struck that this procedure was going to be OK. It was thrilling and actually fun to create those lovely waves cascading throughout the hair-all by my klutzy self!
I started to breathe again, even relaxing a little (just a little-this is still a heating device!).
The You Wave Ultra has several outstanding features, such as:
 Tourmaline Ceramic Technology for smoothness that reduces frizz and helps eliminate static
Only a 30-second (!) heat up (once again, be careful when using)
Three heat temperature settings for all hair types and textures
An instruction pamphlet  is included that gives easy-to-follow steps to achieve those fabulous, right-from-the-beach waves
This will definitely become an essential go-to and styling option for me!
You Wave Ultra is available nationwide at mass markets and drug stores; the retail price is $39.99.
For more info, go to www.conair.com.

Scunci Flower Bendini Clips

I fell in love with the Scunci Flower Bendini Clips the moment I saw them.
They look exactly like flowers (in full bloom!-and floral patterns and designs are fashionable right now, also showing up on shoes, dresses and other clothing) and will instantly “jazz up” even a casual outfit (for example, basic jeans and a T-shirt are kicked up several notches, topped off by a “bloom” tucked in your hair. Super casual is now casual-romantic or casual-dressy, in my humble opinion).
The clips come in three sizes (small, medium and large) and there’s an assortment of colors (that can be easily coordinated with most outfits), such as: navy, purple, black, blue, coral, ivory, turquoise and golden yellow. If you’re able, try to get at least three basic colors to start out with, in the three different sizes (that way, you’re able to easily “mix and match” among your outfits (or wardrobe) as needed.
Once you get the hang of it (which takes just a couple of minutes, more or less), the “slide, bend and snap” method is very simple to do.
Here are the three basic steps (these are also on the back of the package):
1. Gather your hair in the desired style that you want; place the bendini clip into hair with the “teeth” facing forward.
2. Slide the bedini clip into hair.
3. Snap forward for secure hold.
The Scunci Flower Bendini Clips are available at Walmart, CVS, Giant Eagle, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Winn-Dixie and other drug stores and mass markets. Price retails for $4.99.