denture care

People have different needs, and they make choices based on personal comfort, convenience, and their budgets. Finding a comfortable fit for dentures ranks as one of the more important decisions people make. A good fit has nutritional, social, and comfort implications. Choosing the right adhesive requires a bit of experimentation to identify the best option, and that can vary significantly according to personal taste.

Any review of denture adhesives must explore the three basic types: wafers, creams, and powders. Differences in dental configuration and the shape of jaws mean that what works well for some people might fail to deliver essential hold for others. The only practical way to find the best fit is by trying several brands. Tubes of paste or cream come in sizes that range in size from 1.2 to 2.4 ounces. Powders come in a variety of sizes, starting at one ounce. Wafers come in numerous sizes for single-application wafers. In general, powders provide the most economical solution. Powders prove easier to apply, eliminate ooze, and make dentures easy to remove.

Pastes and wafers supply longer lasting hold, and they help fill in the gaps of poorly fitted dentures. Although denture wearers with loose dentures should probably see their dentists, many people put off their appointments for economic or other reasons. A good cream will hold dentures securely, extending the life of dentures for people unable to afford new dental appliances. The stronger grip will also eliminate cases of upper and lower plates sticking together when eating chewy candy. Creams can ooze if applied to excess, however, and the bond can sometimes be so secure that denture removal becomes difficult.

Wafers offer great dental convenience, fit securely, and eliminate the mess and ooze of creams. The strips must sometimes be cut to fit, however, and the option generally costs more money than the other types of dental adhesives. Experimentation provides the best way to find what works for each individual. Buying products online offers a wider selection than the local drugstore. Polident, Fixodent, Cushion Grip, Seabond, and Rigident rank as the top choices of consumers.

Reviews rank Cushion Grip and Rigident as the most effective brands of cream and powder online. Polident cream takes top honors among grocery store and pharmacy creams, and Fixodent powder outperforms other typical store-brand powders. Consumers can find Sea Bond wafers at most locations that sell toothpaste, and they work very well for people prepared to spend extra for fit and convenience.

Cushion Grip Thermoplastic holds dentures securely for longer than a day. The grip holds very well when eating difficult foods, but the cream could overheat and become gooey. Cushion Grip powder adhesive has been around quite a while, demonstrating staying power. The powder offers a good grip for six to eight hours, and many people enjoy hold up to 24 hours. Regardless of choice, denture care is important, and wearers should soak dentures in a solution when they are not in the mouth.

Proper denture care includes finding the right adhesive. Poorly fitting dentures could cause health problems and damage to plates. Review of denture adhesives must include an actual trial, because everyone is different. Find the best option to suit the budget, fit, and comfort needs by experimenting—one size does not fit all.