A simple review of a great set of golf clubs

The Mizuno irons are not new.  This review is for golfers that are on a budget and looking for a set of used clubs at a great value.   Not all of us have the finances to buy the latest and greatest, but that doesn't mean that there isn't another option.  It's reasonable to suggest that the Mizuno MP-60 golf clubs are going to get you close at a quarter of the price.  MP-60’s have not let me down and they won’t let you down either.

First, I’ve used MP-60’s over the last seven years and have compared them to newer models each year.  It’s like the girl that you always seem to go back to.  It’s like pizza for dinner.  You can experiment and try that flashier model with the cool colors, but in the end the Mizuno MP-60’s have been my first choice.  I still haven’t found a model to take its place.  They have enough of a sleek look to satisfy my “blade” preference with a slight cavity to appease my miss-hits.

Second, the durability is second to none.  This is what makes the clubs great to buy on the secondary market.  I’ve probably played around 250 rounds in the last six years with extended travel.  For example, I’ve dragged the clubs with me on a handful of road trips and airplane rides over that time frame.  Yet, I haven’t had any noticeable change in distance when I hit the clubs at the driving range.  To take my point further, they’ve been stored in a range of temperatures.  When I first had purchased my clubs I was living in Minnesota.  So for the first five years they sat in temperatures as low as twenty degrees below zero (Fahrenheit).  Then I moved to California and they perspired through temperatures as high at one hundred fifteen degrees (Fahrenheit).  Yet, I haven’t had any noticeable change in distance.

It is worth noting in this last point that there are some flaws (as with everything).  Back to my analogy in the first paragraph, there is a reason that I’ve been flirting with other girls before I inevitably go back to the MP-60’s.  They aren’t perfect.  The clubs are perfect for the golfer with a handicap between 2 and 10.  If you fall outside of that range then you are probably better off with more traditional “blades” or more traditional “cavity-back” clubs.  Also, it doesn’t have the big name that you would see from Callaway, Ping, Taylor Made, or even Nike.  The average golfer is probably more familiar with Mizuno’s tennis gear.  This could be an issue, if the name means something to you.  Lastly, Mizuno has put out a number of models with slight differences.  Since they have options (MP-59, MP-53, etc.) each golfer will need to make a decision on the best model for them.  So a downside is that the MP-60's worked great for me but the MP-59 or MP-53 fit your game better.

Personally, I can vouch that he MP-60’s are one of the best clubs available.  I’ve put in the time and I’ve compared to other clubs.  It might not be the flashiest or the newest, but it’s the club for you if you are looking for a solid golf club to improve your scores.  The durability and overall feel make Mizuno MP-60 golf clubs the best value for used golf clubs.