An Introduction to MyBlogGuest

MyBlogGuestCredit: javrsmith

MyBlogGuest is a social media web site that is designed to bring authors and publishers together. The needs of these two groups are met by the web site. Authors write articles which need to be published on the Internet. Publishers of blogs, and other content web sites, need fresh, new articles in order to boost the importance of their site. MyBlogGuest accomplishes goals for authors and publishers.

Publishers of blogs require fresh content that matches the main purpose of the web site. If a site concentrates on a specialized topic, like camping, then articles describing tenting options and sleeping bags might be good additions to the site. These could be written by the publisher or by a group of site members. This often works well for a small number of articles or for a short period of time but such article sources tend to dry up. Unfortunately, blog publishers often want more content as their site ages, not less. The publisher can step up their own writing efforts or bring in more contributions from outside authors.

Authors of articles want their work to be viewed by a large number of people. Usually they start their own site and publish several articles. Content is the primary key to the success of their site but relevant references on other sites can boost viewer traffic as well. An author will often publish one of their articles on another site that hosts related material. The published article will refer viewers back to the author's own web site. This is called backlinking. Authors seek many different hosts for their articles in order to maximize the potential number of viewers to the primary web site.

MyBlogGuest supports the goals of publishers and authors. Publishers receive new articles covering particular topics. Authors get a wide variety of web sites for their work. The cost to both publishers and authors is free. Publishers receive content that may boost their entire site's reader base while authors can get increased notoriety or viewers linking back to their web site.

MyBlogGuest offers a gallery of articles that publishers review for content. The gallery contains material submitted by authors covering a particular topic. Various categories such as Education, Business or Technology provide may be reviewed for posted content. Each gallery article is shown with a small preview. If the article appeals to a publisher, a button is pressed which reserves the content. Each article can only be given to one publisher. When a publisher reserves a title, the original author reviews the merits of the request and either grants rights to the article or not. Once the author approves the request, the publisher is free to host the title on the destination site.

Unfortunately, the article gallery may not satisfy the topic requirements of some publishers. There are quite a few titles in the technology and search engine optimization realm but relatively few describing project management topics. Each of the gallery categories can be reviewed for appropriate content. A search facility also exists which lets member find keywords of interest. If an article appears to be closely related to a wanted topic, the publisher is free to accept the article and work with the author to revise the content to better fit the web site intent. Such revisions must be acceptable to the author, however.

Publishers will be pleased to know that all articles selected from MyBlogGuest are unique works that are not available to any other site once they are published on the Internet. This is an important fact as search engines now tend to penalize duplicated content. All web sites should ensure that their content is unique, which is the case here.

The site ranks both members and their web sites by an internal power ranking measurement. These may be used by publishers to determine the relative standing of authors in the site. Authors can determine which web sites are best to host their content. While this feature seems like it may be useful, the site members are usually more interested in the Google pagerank of sites as a determination of where articles should be hosted.

The web site for Practical PM Journal has used the services of guest writers several times. The article selection process was trouble free. The gallery was searched for articles that appeared to fit a general purpose project discussion site. A publication offer was made to the author. After a short period of time, usually less than 24 hours, the authors approved the publication requests. After that, the entire article was available for review by Practical PM Journal editorial staff. Each of the offered articles was found to be acceptable for publication. In most cases, no editing was required. Two articles did require very minor revisions.

MyBlogGuest hosts an editing panel which will work with the author to ensure top quality before publishing. This is an excellent feature which has not been needed thus far. The site operator is also available to review any issues which may come up. With these features, the site seems to offer very good support to members.

The site also offers a forum which also brings authors and publishers together. Each can list their needs on boards specific to writers or web sites. The title of the forum posts indicate the desired topic for publishers or the content of a prepared article. It then becomes an easy process to accept an article through the site's internal messaging facility. As with the article gallery, the author provides the content and declares that it is a unique work which will not be offered elsewhere in the future. The publisher reviews the article. As with the gallery, the quality of content is excellent, requiring little, if any, editing.

Compared to many of the other free article sites, MyBlogGuest provides excellent content that is often ready for instant publication. Many other paid sites offer articles with lesser quality. Publishers should give the site a try. Many thousands of articles have been offered and accepted through the web site. MyBlogGuest is a great way for publishers to obtain quality, free content and for authors to obtain a diverse set of web sites on which to host their articles and backlinks.