When I was a young person, one of the first books I read was the Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. I loved the book and the story as it was written. Peter Jackson for some reason has seen fit to take many Tolkien stories and turn them into movie franchises. Initially I was excited for the release of the Hobbit and had high hopes that it wouldn’t be ruined like the previous Lord of the Rings Trilogy. With the second Hobbit Movie, The Desolation of Smaug, Peter Jackson has decided to commit Tolkien blasphemy and create a whole new story.  Peter Jackson should stop ruining stories that I like.

To make a list of all of the short coming s that Jackson has in making this movie would take a book. First of all the whole story should be about a Hobbit who proves that he is much more than anyone thought. That is a theme that resonates with millions of children all over the world. Yet if you watched this movie then you would never have recognized the story as the same. Other than using the character and location names provided by Tolkien the story has little to no resemblance to the beloved story. Jackson feels the need to add mundane and cliché action scenes which are all foolishness.  Here are the three greatest crimes Jackson committed in this telling of the story.

  1. Feeling the need to create a love story between and elf and a dwarf. Never happened, never could have happened, and is not an appealing thought that it does happen. This is contrived to appeal to more people who apparently couldn’t muster up the effort to read and understand the original novel.
  2. There were orcs chasing them each step of the way. This was not true, in any way, shape or fashion.  The goblins are not mentioned at all throughout the book and that is why it is such a surprise in the end when they show up to the battle of five armies. All of this to add more action to a movie. How about just telling the story? Seems like Tolkien did a pretty good job and it appealed to millions of people.  
  3. Added characters from the Lord of the Rings just for a cheap pop. Legolas may well have been there when the elves captured the dwarves, but the side story of Gandalf’s actions are told pretty simply by Tolkien. They have nothing to do with this tale. Jackson is adding stuff that happened but is part of a different story. It has nothing to do with the story of the Hobbit. Remember this is supposed to be about a little hobbit fellow making his way in the world.

There were many other useless moments that were created for the movie and never occurred in the book. If Peter Jackson wanted to make a different movie then he should have just made a different movie called, Stupid Ways to Rip Off Classic Literature. What is next To Kill a Mockingbird with Dirty Harry playing Atticus Finch? This was a bad movie created by an awful director who didn’t have the simple sense to follow a story that was great to start with. Special effects and goblin killing are not better than the simple triumph of an individual over difficult circumstances.