- Customer service responds to most queries within 24-48 hours.
- The site has a great look and feel.
- Persons living outside the US can also earn at InfoBarrel.
- InfoBarrel compensates its contributors with a very lucrative 75% ad impression revenue sharing program.
- Video, How to, product review and other general information articles are all accepted.


- InfoBarrel is new and therefore doesn't get as much traffic as Suite101 and eHow.
- The site can be slow at times, but I guess this could be an indication that they are growing.

Full Review

InfoBarrel is a revenue sharing site that accepts articles from content contributors who may write how-to guides, product reviews, DIY guides and general information articles called barrels. It competes with other residual income sites such as,, and but unlike some of those revenue sharing sites, InfoBarrel allows contributors to submit a wider variety of articles.

Ways to earn money with InfoBarrel

To benefit from the revenue sharing program at InfoBarrel, contributors must obtain a publisher ID directly from Google and/or Chitika. Once the publisher ID is made available to InfoBarrel, the company will share 75% of the ad impressions with that contributor. Google and Chitika will pay any money that is earned by the contributor directly to the contributor.

InfoBarrel also has an affiliate program that pays contributors 2% of the earnings of those they refer to InfoBarrel. It must be noted that this 2% comes from InfoBarrel's 25% and not from the referee. Once content is published on the site, the contributor will earn a monthly residual income from the content.

The approval process

Anyone can apply for the privilege of submitting articles. Each new article is reviewed by a human editor to ensure it passes grammar, word use, formatting and layout standards. However, once the user has 10 articles published and at lease 14 days has elapsed since signup, they will be pre-approved, which means their content will be immediately published once submitted.

Traffic rankings and growth rate

At the time this article was written, Alexa reports that InfoBarrel is currently ranked at 6,005 in the US and 15,669 worldwide. These aren't overly impressive numbers but they are good nonetheless. What's more important is that the site has been steadily improving its rankings since 2008, when the site had ranked well below 80,000. The spike in the rankings suggest that the popularity of the site is increasing exponentially and by all indications it will continue to do so, provided that the necessary server upgrades are done to facilitate the growth

In Closing

InfoBarrel is an exciting residual income opportunity for freelance writers. While it is not yet as popular as other revenue sharing sites, InfoBarrel is flexible, looks good and has excellent customer support. This is a very appealing option for freelance writers to make money online.