Women love to make themselves beautiful. They will spend thousands of dollars to go shopping for nice clothes, several pairs of shoes, branded bags, jewelries and accessories, and of course, make up products.

If you are tired of your old makeup products and you have money to spend, you can try Studio Gear cosmetics. These are high end products that people on a budget might not want to buy.

Although you can save a few dollars when you buy Studio Gear cosmetics than if you buy those really expensive brands of makeup. You really have to choose something that you really like.

They are not yet as popular as those popular and pricey brands of makeup that you and your girlfriends usually buy but they are getting there.

There are still some people who have not heard of Studio Gear cosmetics because they are not sold anywhere. You can only buy them from Ulta, a big shop of makeup products and cosmetics.

One of their bestsellers is the shimmer powder. If you apply this on your skin, you will shimmer, not glitter like what other shimmer powders do to your skin. You will achieve that sexy and whimsical look without overdoing it.

Their foundation is also good but if you do not know anything about blending colors, you might have a hard time getting the color right.

Maybe with a few practice, you will be able to find the right color for your skin. But for those who have been putting foundation since they were 13, this will be a cinch.

They also have all sorts of makeup products like eye brushes, eye makeup, lipsticks, foundation, moisturizers, makeup remover, and so on.

You can try them one by one if you want because they are a bit more expensive than other brands. But the prices of the products are reasonable if you think about the kind of quality that most of them have.