As a person involved in internet marketing I follow a couple of established guys in the industry like Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income, Corbert Barr of Think Traffic, and Derek Halpern of Social Triggers. I am always reading their blogs trying to find out the latest marketing strategies that they use to build their blogs and websites. These guys are great and they provide their readers with a massive amount of info. However, there is one guy, Glen Allsop of Viperchill, that I follow that not only provided a marketing strategy, but an interesting online business model as well.

Glen introduced me to an email blogging business model that he calls “The Cloud Blueprint Strategy”. This model goes against the traditional blogging business model which involves:

  • Finding a niche.
  • Building a website or blog.
  • Developing content for the blog.
  • Driving traffic to your blog.
  • Converting visitors to subscribers and/or buyers.

The issue with this model is that it takes a long time to build your traffic and subscriber base. Most bloggers will tell you that it took them years to build their following. The email blogging model is very different in a couple of ways.

Cloud Blueprint Strategy

Here are the key differences between the email blogging model and a traditional blogging model:

The Email Blogging Model Only Needs One Web Page

When you are building a traditional blog you have to figure out your web design and structure. Then you have to start adding content because without content search engines like Google will not rank your site. However, with email blogging all you need is a squeeze page to capture email addresses. That’s it.

Your Email Subscribers Will See Everything That You Have Written

One of the major issues with a traditional blog is that people will not see all of the content that you have spent hours and hours creating. People who are new to your blog will only see your most recent blog posts. However, with an email blog your new subscribers will see all of your blog posts. With an email blog your blog posts are set up in an autoresponder series.

You Are Building Your Email List

There is a saying in the internet marketing community that goes like this, “The money is in your email list.” In spite of that, many people new to internet marketing have a problem building their lists. With traditional blogs people visit and if they like your content they may subscribe to your email list. On the contrary, with email blogs people see your squeeze page then join your list.

The concept sounds very simple, however you need a couple of things to make the strategy work.

In order for the email blogging strategy to work you will need:

  1. A niche that you can write about.
  2. Create a domain name based on your niche.
  3. A web hosting service to host your website.
  4. An autoresponder service to capture email addresses.
  5. A squeeze page.
  6. A lead magnet like a free video course, ebook, or audio course for subscribers.
  7. Content to add into your autoresponder series related to your niche.
  8. A product that you can sell your email subscribers related to your niche.
  9. Traffic to your squeeze page so that you can receive traffic.

Glen also created 12 videos to help people set up all aspects of the email blogging platform. He provides you with resources and tools that you can use to host your website, build your squeeze pages, and generate traffic to your squeeze pages. In my honest opinion, I think that this strategy can be very effective if implemented. 

I really appreciate Glen Allsop of ViperChill for sharing this strategy and hope that you appreciate it too. 

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